Quote1 I'm here to stop people like you. You can call me...Marvel Boy. Quote2
-- Marvel Boy

Appearing in "Call Me ... The Uranian!"

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  • Skyraiders
    • Harris
  • Admiral Dewey
  • Private Wheeler
  • Flo (waitress)

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Synopsis for "Call Me ... The Uranian!"

In the Philippines the United States Navy is in a worn torn battle with a giant flying battleship in the sky that's being called the Man o' War. None of their artillery or planes are able to get close enough to it to do any real damage due to it's ability to shoot charged bolts of lightning. Just when the situation is looking to be at it's lowest, a rocket comes flying into the conflict. The rocket is piloted by a man who identifies himself as Bob Grayson the Uranian Man. Bob who has many advanced gadgets is able to put an end to the conflict quite easily, taking down the Man o' War and capturing the enemy's leader Maxwell Deacon.

After the battle had ended the Navy wasn't very trusting towards Bob. The Navy officials had him imprisoned until they could figure out if he was an ally or an enemy spy in disguise, as well as to identify what his ship was made of. Meanwhile back on Uranus, where Bob is from, a group of Uranian scholars and elders are listening to prerecorded feedback from Bob's headband. The Uranians wish to return to Earth after having been banish thousands of years prior. The group attempts to transmit to Grayson through the headband to offer knowledge over nuclear fusion to the Earthlings in exchange for their trust and respect, but Grayson had already decided to break out of the brig before the orders were transmitted. Disguised as a private, Bob sneaked out of his prison cell and read the thoughts of the guard that was safeguarding his rocket. Upon reading the mind of the guard Bob obtained the password and was able to make it onto his rocket unnoticed. By the time the Navy officers were alerted to his missing cell Bob had already begun taking off and was easily able to escape anything they'd sent to chase after him.

After gaining the knowledge of how xenophobic the people of Earth were first hand during these times, Bob thought he'd try his luck across the globe in New York City. Bob parked his rocket in Central Park. Normally this may have been incredibly noticeable, but considering this was the time of year during a Science Expo and the ship didn't stand out. A couple days later Bob witnesses a group of construction workers falling from a scaffolding and saves their lives, however the press mistakenly labels him as some sort of movie stunt and calls him the Venusian.

While reading the self same paper that misrepresented him, Bob is approached by a man representing Timely Comics. The man introduces himself as Dean and after a bit of talking invites Bob to come visit with them at their offices. After showing Bob around the station Dean informs him that Bob could work with them to supply the writers with fantastical stories based of his life so that it could be turned into comic book stories for all to read.

Bob agreed and eventually shared with Dean that the Uranians were originally from Earth thousands of years ago, and while Bob considers himself one of them he was actually born on Earth in Germany during the Nazi's reign. Bob also explains that while his father worked for the Nazis he wasn't doing so willingly. Bob's father was a scientist and his mother was a young Jewish woman. Bob's mother was eventually discovered to be of Jewish decent and was murdered for it. Afterwards his father continued to do broadcasts that'd he'd send off into space looking for signs of life. The Uranians received his messages and responded; they taught his father how to build a rocket that would make the journey to the seventh planet. The scientist that was looking for a way out of Germany and away from the war followed their instructions and built the rocket allowing Bob and himself to fly off to Uranus. Bob who was still an infant at this time was raised and taught there as one of their own. Like most Uranians he was mostly educated in a variety of sciences and telepathy.

Upon receiving all of this information, Dean, told Bob to go out and embrace Bob Grayson as his secret identity as any good superhero need one. During so Timely would print these stories and while they were basing the comic off Bob's point of view and information the writers opted to take some liberties that would more appeal to the readers of the time and one of those changes was that Bob was no longer going to be referred to as the Uranian instead he was now to be called Marvel Boy.

Appearing in "Marvel Boy and the Lost World"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Boy #1.

Synopsis for "Marvel Boy and the Lost World"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Boy #1.

Appearing in "The Runaway Planet"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #3.

Synopsis for "The Runaway Planet"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #3.

Solicit Synopsis

A young man has travelled billions of miles through space in a rocket to help our world. But is Earth of the 1950's ready for a new super hero? Before he became the dark figure the Agents of Atlas call The Uranian, Bob Grayson raced through the skies as Marvel Boy! From the critically acclaimed writer of AGENTS OF ATLAS and FALL OF THE HULKS: ALPHA comes this all-new look back at one of Marvel’s first heroes!

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