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  • NYPD
    • Vince
  • FBI
    • Agent Belgard
  • Violet
  • Ann
  • John (Only appearance; dies)[1]




Synopsis for "Taking Flight"

A series of bombs are going off across America and only one spy knows the location of the next bomb. Currently held in NYPD custody, the spy gives a list of demands. F.B.I. Agent Belgard steps in to try and take over the situation which starts an ego argument about jurisdiction. Bob Grayson dressed in his Uranian garments and calling himself Marvel Boy offers to lend the government agents a hand. Agent Belgard brushes him aside but Bob when heading out the door calls him by his name leads to Marvel Boy to action, showing the audience that he can read minds with the use of telepathy he gives the agents the terrorists real name which is Oscar Koepnik. Marvel Boy also explains that the spy's plan is to wait to see which government buildings are evacuated, so that his organization can get more targets to bomb.

Marvel Boy is able to pin point the location of the spy's hidden missile which is in a silo at a farm in New Hampshire. Marvel Boy and Ben make their way to the missile in Bob's rocket. Upon arriving at the farm they see the missile has already begun its launch. Using a sort of tractor beam, Bob pulls the missile into space and detonates it so that it can't harm anyone with it's destruction or its deadly radiation.

Meanwhile back at Bob's home city of Urania, the elders of the city have tried to get Bob to return to them to speak with how to proceed next. Bob has been reluctant to do so, so the elders decide to pay a visit to Bob's father. Upon answering the door and some small chit-chat a spritz of gas is sprayed into Bob's father's face causing him to drop to the ground.

Back on Earth Bob is discussing his book with Dean from Timely comics, when the pair is met up with a pair of women. It's Dean's fiancee and her sister Violet. Bob and Violet hit it off and after dinner they take a walk through Central Park. While walking and talking about Violet's life she then turns the focus to Bob who tells her the truth, that he's from Uranus and that he's a superhero, he offers to show her his rocket. When they make it to the Science Expo Violet takes it as a joke, but she's soon proven wrong when Bob stops a heroine junkie that was trying to disassemble his rocket for parts to sell for more drugs. He blasts the man with some energy knocking him out. Not soon after Bob notices his headband has a message for him, upon looking at it he sees that it involves his father and that he has contracted a virus. Giving a hurried goodbye Bob jumps into his rocket and heads home to Uranus.

Once home Bob discovers his father had passed. Bob stays on Uranus and attends his funeral. It is tradition for him to stay on Uranus for a full year, but given their long year cycle in comparison to Earth it is agreed he only has to stay for 1 Earth year. During that year he's given new technology that allows him to fly and trains with it, before heading back to Earth.

Once back on Earth Bob is greeted with a horrible sight, a sniper on a roller coaster shooting at innocent civilians. Bob makes quick work of the sniper by firing a small missile at him from his rocket. Bob then announces to the civilians that he's back.

Appearing in "Screaming Tomb"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #4.

Synopsis for "Screaming Tomb"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #4.

Appearing in "Murder By Magic"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #6.

Synopsis for "Murder By Magic"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #6.

Solicit Synopsis

From fan-favorite writer of X-MEN VS. AGENTS OF ALTAS comes a look back at the birth of one of Atlas' strangest heroes...the mysterious Uranian! Bob Grayson is starting to get the hang of super-heroing, but who is he doing this for? Does the Uranian Council really want to help our world - and are we even worth saving? Experience the Marvel Universe of the 50s through the eyes of the original Marvel Boy! PLUS: re-presenting selections from Marvel’s vault of Golden Age Marvel Boy classics!

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