Appearing in "Marvel Boy and the Lost World"

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Other Characters:

  • Denga (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Marvel Boy and the Lost World"

A massive earthquake has caused an island to rise out of the Pacific ocean. Upon the islands discovery, the various nations of the world mobilize to try and lay claim to the new island in the hopes that they can claim any resources that might be found. However one group has beaten all others, the pirate crew led by Count Varron, a man without a country, whose ship was sailing the area just as the island rose out the ground. Varron gloats over his luck and how he managed to beat the rest of the world in claiming the island.

Meanwhile on the planet Uranus, Matthew Grayson observes the island rising out of the ocean on Earth through his telescope and decides that this is the opportunity to send his son, Robert back to Earth to be its champion. He calls in Robert and explains that in 1934 after his wife and daughter were killed by Nazis, he built an atomic powered rocket for him and his son to flee the Earth. In space, their ship was redirected to the planet Uranus where they were surprised to find people living there. Matthew and baby Robert were welcomed with open arms and Robert was raised as a Uranian, mastering their technology and developing telepathy. Giving his son arm bands that emit a powerful bright light and a ship to travel to and from Earth, Matthew warns his son that he must take special uranium pills to maintain his strength while on Earth. Dubbing his son Marvel Boy, Matthew and his assistant Denga watch as Robert flies his ship toward the planet Earth.

Back on Earth, Count Varron announces his dominion over the island, which he dubs Verronland and warns other nations to keep away. Just then Marvel Boy's ship lands on the island and the hero is attacked by Varron's men. Surprised by such hatred, Marvel Boy fights off the men and leaves in his ship to explore the island some more to make sure there are not other beings living on it that might suffer from Varron's evil. Marvel Boy spots a strange species of Fish People rising out of a cave on the island and greets them. He learns that 1200 years ago the island sank and the Fish People's ancestors developed the ability to breath under water. Suddenly Varron and his men arrive and attack, forcing the Fish People to flee back to their land. One of them, a female is taken hostage while Marvel Boy is fighting Varron's minions. Marvel Boy agrees to stop fighting if Varron lets the girl go and he and his men return to their ship. Varron agrees but he and his men secretly begin plotting to blow up the Fish People with TNT so they can claim the island for themselves. Marvel Boy then goes to the Fish People who warn him to stay away, telling them that they intend to return to the waters below to avoid the violence of the surface men.

Marvel Boy returns to the surface and meets with military officials who are arriving on the island when there is a sudden earthquake. Marvel Boy boards his ship and scouts around and spots Varron and his men setting off explosives. However instead of eliminating the Fish People, this causes the island to sink once more, drowning Varron and his men, ending their menace and the dispute over the island.

Appearing in "Panic!"

Featured Characters:

  • Dr. Caldwell

Supporting Characters:

  • United Allies


  • Red Asiatic League

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  • Unrevealed Reality

Synopsis for "Panic!"

A seemingly never-ending atomic war has been waged for 800 years between the United Allies and the Red Asiatic League. The leader of the League vows to press on, regardless of the fact that humanity itself may be annihilated in the process. Working for the Allies, Dr. Caldwell invents a metal which is impervious to any force whatsoever and convinces his leaders that a rocket ship made of this metal, though weaponless, would cause the League to surrender to them if the ship landed in their territory. The ship is made and soon lands in the League's land. After trying everything in their power to move it, destroy it or break into it, and failing, a panic starts among the people in the League lands, as they believe the new ship is about to destroy them. The fanatical League leader still insists that he will never surrender and is quickly killed by his top ministers, who then send a message of surrender to the United Allies.

Appearing in "The Case of the Cat"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Case of the Cat"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Eyes of Death!"

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Synopsis for "Eyes of Death!"

Having taken up a job working for the Daily Monitor newspaper, Bob Grayson is assigned to interview a scientist named Professor Vance. When he arrives there is a chemical explosion in Vance's lab. Vance soon finds that the accident has given him x-ray vision. However he keeps this discovery a secret and tells Grayson to leave. Alone, Vance decides to use his new found powers to amass wealthy and power.

Weeks later, Vance resurfaces posing as a mentalist calling himself the Great Video, putting on shows where he uses his x-ray vision to see the possessions that people are carrying. When Bob Grayson learns of the Great Video, he finds his face familiar and decides to see the show. During his performance, the Great Video sees that one of his audience members is carrying a large amount of stolen jewels on him and decides to rob him after the show. Vance sends two thugs to rob the man and they are caught by Bob who has gone back stage to try and get an interview with the Great Video. Changing into Marvel Boy, he quickly dispatches the thieves and turns them over to the authorities, learning that they were hired by the Great Video.

Inside his dressing room, the Great Video is horrified to find that his pet dog is dead and realizes that prolonged exposure to his x-ray vision can cause death. Marvel Boy confronts the Great Video, but the villain uses his x-ray vision on the hero. Thinking Marvel Boy dead, the Great Video then flees the scene deciding to use his powers as a criminal. Marvel Boy survives, thanks to his uranium pills he has only suffered minor burns and vows to capture the Great Video. Soon the Great Video has allied himself with some criminals and begins a crime spree that leaves the authorities stumped and they ask for Marvel Boy's help in capturing the crook.

Marvel Boy sets up a trap, having a story about a million dollars being kept to lure the Great Video and his gang into a trap. As the gang breaks into the vault, the Great Video spots Marvel Boy with his x-ray vision. The hero comes crashing in and blinds Video with his light bands and knocks him out with a single punch. When the Great Video revives he is shocked to find that the light blast stripped him of his powers and he is taken away by the police.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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