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Quote1.png 'Mute', I said. You repair the ship. And I'll fix the planet. My way! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Hello Cruel World"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Kirby Machines (First appearance)
    • Epiphany Engines (First appearance)
  • Doctor Midas's armor


  • The Marvel (First appearance) (Destroyed)
  • Midas's jet
  • Train

Synopsis for "Hello Cruel World"

While returning from a mission, Noh-Varr's reality-hopping ship The Marvel lands on Earth-616. His Kree crewmates are all dead from missiles that have been fired at them by the Midas Foundation: Doctor Midas has captured Noh-Varr in a bubble and added him to his vast collection of interdimensional treasures. Midas explains his grand plans to dissect Noh-Varr and use the ship's cosmic radiation to mutate him into a superbeing but Noh-Varr only spits at him.

Torture proves ineffective as the alien has the ability to reroute pain in his brain and turn it into music. As a member of the Midas Foundation comes to electrocute him, Noh-Varr spits again: he's actually infecting them with a nanotechnology that allows him to take over their minds. He easily slips out of the bubble and stabs the man in the neck with his fingernail: it converts into an explosive, killing several Midas Foundation members. He continues to kill several more and finds a plane he can pilot. He fires missiles from it to Doctor Midas and lands the craft in the center of New York City.

Leaping down to the sewers, he makes contact with the Plex intelligence from his home dimension. The Kree from Earth-200080 are going to remotely repair his ship and help him get home. In the meantime, Noh-Varr will fix this Earth.

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