Quote1.png Then after all those years we thought we had found our way home. But we had found our way here by mistake. And your dad happened. Quote2.png
-- Noh-Varr

Appearing in "Zero Zero: Year of Love"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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  • Doctor Midas's armor
  • Exterminatrix's gold pistol
  • Helicoptera rotors (First appearance)
  • Un-Entity (Mentioned)


Synopsis for "Zero Zero: Year of Love"

Exterminatrix has betrayed her father Doctor Midas and turned her back on the Midas Foundation to run away with a boy: Noh-Varr of Earth-200080.[1] Unfortunately for them, he is dying and Midas is tracking them with the help of some S.H.I.E.L.D. telepaths.

Plex knits Noh-Varr's body back together and he tells Exterminatrix how he is disgusted by Earth-616: he wants to leave or convert it into something like his homeworld of Hala. Just as she is becoming convinced to join him, her father arrives at the edges of The Marvel with a weapon that can obliterate all matter and he walks into the cosmic ray engine at the heart of the ship to be transformed into a superbeing. The duo are then attacked by a Mindless One.


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