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Appearing in "Mindless: The End"

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Synopsis for "Mindless: The End"

Cosmic Man (Doctor Midas) has entered the heart of The Marvel, bathing in cosmic rays as Midas Foundation soldiers stand atop a dying Plex. Noh-Varr and Exterminatrix are on the run from a Mindless One whose beam of destruction melts a subway car.

Noh-Varr makes his way to Doctor Midas to find that he has adapted all of the powers of the Fantastic Four and is absorbing the intelligence of Plex, learning of millions of worlds that he can plunder and destroy with The Marvel as his transport. Just as he is elaborating his plan, Exterminatrix appears with the severed head of the Mindless One that burns a hole in her father's chest. He is folded into Subspace and attacked by a horde of Mindless Ones as S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives on the scene.

The take Noh-Varr and Plex into custody to study their technology and culture but Exterminatrix slips away and declares war on Earth for Noh-Varr's sake as a political prisoner; a small Internet-based cult supports her, claiming that he is a star-god with legitimate grievances. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents drop off Noh-Varr at the Cube—the most remote and hardened prison in the world, designed for supervillains. He vows to control it within months and make it the headquarters of a new Kree Empire.


  • The last page provides a solicitation for a sequel: "Adventures Beyond Reason, Violence Beyond Meaning, And the End of the Way That Was. Prepare Your Minds for: Marvel Boy 2:001!!! This was never released and Noh-Varr next appeared in New Avengers: Illuminati (Vol. 2) #4.

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