Steel Raven
That is you, isn't it?The one in the news? The one waging a war on men?
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Bloody Mary
Yeah, what of it?
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Steel Raven
What of it? I like it. I'm the Steel Raven. Give it here sister.
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Appearing in "Bloody Mary (Part 2) - Quite Contrary"

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Synopsis for "Bloody Mary (Part 2) - Quite Contrary"

Bloody Mary begins a reign of terror on the abusive men of the world, but her mind is driven to further conflict with itself when she learns the empath girl she rescued from the Fortress is male when she isn't reflecting her own identity. Bloody/Typhoid/Mary finally manifests her fourth personality, the calm and rational Walker. From there she is able to confront her abusive doctor and accept and reconcile with Jessie, bringing her along while promising to continue to fight abuse in the world.

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