Appearing in "Having a Wild Weekend (Part 5) - A Day at the Circus"

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Synopsis for "Having a Wild Weekend (Part 5) - A Day at the Circus"

As Nightcrawer awakes, he finds himself locked in a cage for circus animals, being laughed at. He remembers his life at the circus, how he was laughed at for not looking normal. But as he looks through the bars of the cage, he realises that none of the people looking at him look exactly normal either. As he looks down at himself, he realises that he has changed. His tail has gone, and his skin is white, while his hair is now blonde!

In the control room, Kitty turns as the door is kicked in, but is relieved to find Meggan opening the door. She tells Meggan that she plans to keep interfering with the systems, and interrupt the plans of the person she suspects to be behind their capture.

Nightcrawler is suddenly pulled through a hatch in the cage, and finds himself back to normal as he emerges, pulled by a humanoid Deer, Van Winkle, through a top hat. His squirrel friend, Rambo, swings on a trapeze and knocks Nightcrawler through a series of flaming hoops to the other end of the circus tent. As he lands, he is set upon by all the members of the circus and the audience. He runs headfirst into an enormous lady, who acts as a trampoline, and flings him up into the air. He bounces off an elephant, swings from a hoop and borrows a sword from the circus collection.

In his world, Captain Britain is set upon by a group of flying monkeys. He fights them off, and they flee into the sky, vowing to return.

Nightcrawler has got into trouble, as one of the circus people grabs him by the tail. As the enormous woman, named Big Mama, tries to squash him, he manages to get free just before she lands in the spot he was just in. As he jumps off another trampoline, he tries to slice through the circus tent, but he cannot cut into it. As he lands, the tent collapses, and the circus people wrap him up in it and put him in the oversized cannon. They fire him at a wall in the distance, and when he wakes up, the knife thrower is surrounding him with knives.

Back in the control room, Kitty manages to locate someone, just outside the room. She phases her arms through the wall, and pulls Nightcrawler through. As he thanks her for saving him, they prepare to rescue the rest of their team.

Appearing in "Panther's Quest (Part 23) - Barriers"

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Synopsis for "Panther's Quest (Part 23) - Barriers"

The Black Panther’s Sonar Glider lands in the woods surrounding the Magistrate of Communications’ house. He decides stealth is the best approach, and he slips over the security fence and into the grounds. He climbs into the trees, and spots a sniper, who he takes out. He slips down onto the ground quietly, and treads carefully through the pinecones and dead leaves. But the fight has attracted attention, and the guard dog is released. He outruns it easily, but then he trips, and is caught in a trap as the dog closes in…

Appearing in "Rise and Shine (Part 10) - The Killing Ground"

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  • Weapon-Walker

Synopsis for "Rise and Shine (Part 10) - The Killing Ground"

As Coldblood runs from Mako and his weapons exoskeleton, he tries hiding behind a wall, which is immediately blown away. He dashes around another corner, but Mako is waiting, and lands a shot that seperates him and the prosthetic left arm. The computer tells him to summon the car, but that was in the left arm prosthesis, so he has no choice but to try and crawl to the arm. Mako gloats as he prepares to kill him, but is surprised as Gina appears, having taken one of the machine guns lying around, and fires at him. While Mako turns his attention to Gina, Coldblood gets to the arm and summons the car. Mako knocks Gina across the ground with a blow from his exoskeleton, before the car rams him and opens fire. As the weapons walker explodes, Coldblood goes to Gina, who tells him that Charles, who released her, has been killed by Mako too. She gasps as Mako, on fire, steps from the wreckage of his machine, and knowing he will die, wants to take down Gina and Coldblood, as he aims a gun at them. But he is shot, as Charles emerges, not dead after all. But Mako stays standing, and as Coldblood reattaches his prosthetic arm, he fires rockets that finally kill Mako once and for all. As Coldblood and Gina get into the car, Charles decides to stay, having to make up an excuse for his boss…

Appearing in "Gods R' Us"

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Synopsis for "Gods R' Us"

Her soars through space, and spying an inhabited star system ahead, decides to go looking for entertainment. As she arrives, she is met by a telepathic communications rocket, that follows her down to the planet’s surface, extolling the virtues of the planet’s leader, He-who-is-above-all. But as Her reaches the surface, she sees a maze of factories populated by insect humanoids, the inhabitants of the planet, and isn’t such a bountiful world as she was told. She asks to meet He-who-is-above-all, and the rocket is happy to oblige. It takes her to an ancient tower that rises above the smog, free from pollution and full of natural life. He-who-is-above-all introduces himself as U’Sr’Pr, as asks her what she thinks of his planet. She asks how he justifies the suffering of the people, but he replies by saying that he gives them the basics of life. She grows angry, and as he continues to taunt her, she fires a beam of energy at him, blowing his throne apart. However, she gives him a force field, to protect him, as she only wanted to demonstrate her power. He tries attacking her with an energy beam of his own, but she deflects it, and in response, drains him of his power. She takes him to the surface, where he is met by a mob of his people. They set him to work, on the tasks he ordered them to do, and as thanks, they take Her as their new God. But she refuses, saying that while she will help them clean up their world, they must learn to survive on their own.


  • "Having a Wild Weekend" also features parodies of Disney character Dumbo and continues the "Wizard of Oz" parodies began last issue.

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