Quote1 Pull her up to the shore, twit -- the City of Seven Dark Delights is just beyond that rise. Quote2
-- Mud-Butt

Appearing in "Warriors of the Shadow Realm: Part the First"

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Synopsis for "Warriors of the Shadow Realm: Part the First"

Tyndall, Velanna, and their new companion, Mud-Butt, are crossing the Great Marsh of Weirdworld. Mud-Butt regales them with the promises of the wonders of depravity they can find in the City of Seven Dark Delights when they're shocked by the sudden appearance of a savage elf fleeing a group of Night-Fangers. The savage elf runs too fast for Tyndall's group to catch up and find out more about him, but a subsequent appearance of a glowing white wolf somehow fills Tyndall and Velanna with a feeling of calm, as if it was there to assure them that everything would be all right.

The next day, Mud-Butt takes Tyndall and Velanna the rest of the way to the City of Seven Dark Delights, excited to spend days sampling all seven. The elves, innocent as they are, are more apprehensive, but for the time being have nowhere else to go but follow Mud-Butt's lead. As they sit down for a meal at a bistro, they notice a mysterious cloaked figure sitting nearby; meanwhile, five fearsome Dark Riders arrive in the city on a hunt.

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