Quote1.png Oh, no! They weren't after the savage elf -- ! They were after this pouch -- which means they're after us now!! Quote2.png
-- Tyndall of Klarn

Appearing in "Warriors of the Shadow Realm: Part the Second - The Darklens Gems"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dark Riders (Real name first revealed)
  • Silver Elemental Wraiths (First appearance)
    • Death (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Greed (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Hate (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Lust (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Pestilence (First appearance) (Unnamed)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Warriors of the Shadow Realm: Part the Second - The Darklens Gems"

With news of the arrival of the Dark Riders, the cloaked figure sitting near Tyndall's group in the bistro springs into a flight of terror and is revealed as the same savage elf they saw earlier in the swamp. Tyndall takes off after him, wanting to help another from Klarn, but finds his crossbow bolts pass right through the Dark Riders. The fleeing elf is soon caught and killed, dropping a satchel and uttering only the name "Zarthon" as he falls. When Tyndall picks up the bag, the Dark Riders turn their sights on him and he realizes it was the bag they were after. As Tyndall's group runs, they spot the White Wolf leading them into an inn where a white-bearded innkeeper assures them they will be safe if they spend the night. Trusting the Wolf's guidance, they take the offer.

Tyndall examines the bag's contents, revealing five prismatic gems. Mud-Butt immediately wants to sell them, but Tyndall insists on keeping them until they can find the meaning of "Zarthon." The gems are left out as they go to sleep and when the moonlight hits them, Silver Elemental Wraiths emerge from the gems and attempt to attack the party. They're saved by the intervention of the White Wolf, which fights back and drives the wraiths back into the gems. The next morning, Tyndall asks the innkeeper about Zarthon and learns that it refers to a wizard living over a nearby lake.

Despite Mud-Butt's protests, the group heads to meet Zarthon, who quickly identifies the Darklens Gems and their hidden property, that when arranged in a particular manner and exposed to sunlight, they provide a vision of their inner truth: the evil sorceror Darklens, creator of Weirdworld.

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