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Publisher: Timely Comics
Type: Limited Series
Genre: Superhero
Featuring: Human Torch, Angel, Namor, Masked Raider, Ken Masters and Ka-Zar
Status: Finished
Publication Date: October, 1939November, 2019
3 issues • 239 images • 2 reprinted issues • 1 TPB editionNext Volume Red Next-icon.png

Marvel Comics was the first ever single comic book published by Timely Comics, the company that would later become Marvel Entertainment. Marvel Comics only ran for a single issue before being quickly renamed to Marvel Mystery Comics with its second issue. The Marvel Mystery Comics title ran as an ongoing series for ten years, garnering over 90 issues.

Marvel Comics was a historic landmark for being the first book that would launch Timely into the business of producing regular comics every month up to the present day (now under the name Marvel Entertainment, Inc.). It is also notable for being the introduction of characters who would later inspire more important characters of the same names, such as the android Human Torch (who later inspired Johnny Storm's alter ego), the jungle man Ka-Zar (who later inspired another character, Kevin Plunder, with the same hero name and physical traits) and the Sub-Mariner (whose history from the original Marvel Comics issue was later merged into his history within the main Marvel shared-universe continuity.[1]



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