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It begins inside the Ghost Orchid, with the Collector remembering how he added some champions (Wolverine, Gamora, Hulk, and Deadpool) to his collection using the ISO-Sphere. He's then interrupted by Kang the Conqueror, who demands him to keep his promise of finding a worthy opponent for him to fight against. Upon seeing the ISO-Sphere, Kang tries to touch it, but the Collector doesn't allow it, saying it wasn't his to take yet. As the Summoner, chosen representant of Earth in the cosmic Contest of Champions against Kang, arrives, the Collector introduces Kang and himself to them. The Collector explains the rules of the Contest: if the Summoner win, they will be granted untold power; but if they lose, they will be added to the Collector's collection permanently.

As the Summoner fights their way through the contest, they defeat Adaptoids. the Collector awakens the villains of the contest, Which include Thanos. Thanos and the Summoner come to an agreement to defeat Kang, trying to figure out who is pulling the strings and who the Collector is working for. As they defeat Kang, Thanos demands this entity reveal himself. Then, the Maestro reveals himself as the true ruler of the contest and this new "Battleworld". The Maestro then pits the Summoner against Thanos. The Summoner defeats him, and the Collector traps Thanos inside of a crystal. The Maestro makes an army and invades the contest, making it his own. The Collector seeks to rebel against the Maestro, and gathers allies with the Summoner. Then, as the Summoner fights the Maestro, the Collector unleashes their secret weapon. Thanos takes down the Maestro and then starts to collect the infinity stones.

The Collector is now picking up the pieces of his contest when his brother, the Grandmaster, introduces new challenges into the contest and splits the Battlerealm into a Civil War trying to usurp the Collector's throne. The Grandmaster then pits the Collector against the Summoner. After the Summoner wins, the Grandmaster traps his brother inside of a crystal.

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  • The Summoner (i.e the player) is summoned by the Collector to represent Earth in a cosmic Contest of Champions. If the player wins the Contest, they will be granted the ISO-Sphere, which has 'untold power', but if they lose, they will be part of the Collector's collection permanently. With their Champions (i.e the characters), the player must complete quests to continue the game. Event Quests come to alter the game. There was an Ultron event quest, due to the Age of Ultron movie. When that ended, the day the movie Ant-Man premiered, an Ant-Man quest started. In that event quest, Ant-Man needed Summoners to help him explore and learn about a tiny place in the Battlerealm, the Micro-Realms. Along with this, there is also a versus mode, which players can take on other players on 1 vs 1 for a Versus Crystal, or 3 vs 3 for points towards a 3 or a 4 star champion. There is also a duel mode, where you can also fight other players, but only their top champion. There are over 100 playable characters.
  • A comic book series called Contest of Champions based on this game debuted on October 2015, with developer Kabam as a consultant.
  • Despite most of the characters being primarily based on their comic book counterparts, some of them seem to share their Marvel Cinematic Universe counterparts' histories.


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