Squirrelman1 Squirrelman1 1 day ago

New Wiki Software Questions

I have a few questions on how to edit in wake of the change. First, how do we fix the pages that were completely messed up. Then, is there a different way we edit now? I hope we are able to fix all the articles ruined. Any help would be appreciated.

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Songjustin Songjustin 4 days ago

New wiki software

Ewww, I hate the new software.

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BatFan2099 BatFan2099 6 days ago

2099 Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The Amazing Spider-Man is a 2012 film that serves as the first film in a two-film series.

  1. Its portrayal of Spider-Man:
    1. The suit is pretty cool, with the sunglasses lenses and light-up web-shooters.
    2. Unlike the previous actor Tobey Macguire, Andrew Garfie…

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The Diamond Man 3000 The Diamond Man 3000 9 days ago

Big Hero 6 - Do Disney Characters exist in Marvel Multiverse?

Big Hero 6 is a Disney animated film, based on Marvel Characters. For now, it has reality number and everything, but does it mean that all Disney characters easter eggs in the film are canon? Yes and no.

  • Olaf appears as a background cameo. He's a sta…

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EternalStorm655 EternalStorm655 10 days ago


Hello. I'm EternalStorm655. I will list all my info down below, but first let's talk about Marvel. Marvel is a very interactive universe because there is so much to explore, that you might not even know all of them

Discord: i change my name from diff…

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