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Due to recent developments, please be aware that the use of large language model or generative AIs in writing article content is strictly forbidden. This caveat has now been added to the Manual of Style and Blocking Policy.


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In the Marvel Database, bureaucrats, administrators and moderators are distinguished members of the community with additional powers and authority. They have more saying in policy-making and access to staff-only message channels, but they are also expected to upkeep the community, both its content and its editors. Members of this wiki's staff need to ensure that policies are followed, be present to assist contributors who seek help, and offer assistance as well.

In addition to this power and responsibility, members of our internal staff are granted expanded user rights. These tools include the ability to move articles and rename images, rollback edits, protect pages and block users, to name a few. The goal of staff positions is to entrust stalwart editors with tools to help them continue improve the community and content of the site. For more information on the power, responsibilities and tools at the disposal of staff members, read the Staff How-to.

Almost any contributor in the Marvel Database can become a member of the wiki's staff. For our guidelines on user promotions, including the nomination and voting process, visit User Promotion.


Bureaucrats, also known as head administrators, are usually responsible for the design of the site, from style and layout to individual page function and site structure organization. They are often content editors and contributors as well, and are generally the people to go to if you have questions regarding the origins and policies of the site.

Disputes between users and administrators may be moderated by a bureaucrat. They frequent the Forums and Discord server to provide help and assistance wherever possible. They are elected through nomination by other administrators to existing bureaucrat(s) as the need arises.


Administrators are mostly regular content editors and contributors, although some specialize in other areas, such as programming. Generally, these are the people to go to if you have questions around the site (as a veteran or a newcomer), want to discuss policy or templating, or need a dispute settled. Many of them frequent the Forums and Discord server for further discussion.




Moderators are trusted users that have been given a selection of administrative abilities to help the site run smooth, and come in two varieties: content moderators and discussion moderators.

Content Moderators

Content Moderators have access to admin rights such as deleting and undeleting pages, protecting and unprotecting pages, and moving files.

Discussion Moderators

Discussion Moderators are users that have moderation abilities on discussion platforms, including forums, blogs, and the Marvel Wikia phone app.


Former Administrators

Former Moderators


Bots are accounts set up by and for administrators who need to provide routine maintenance and changes to many pages at the same time. They are usually named for the administrator they belong to. If you have questions about the edits done by any of these bots, please see the owner.