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Due to recent developments, please be aware that the use of large language model or generative AIs in writing article content is strictly forbidden. This caveat has now been added to the Manual of Style and Blocking Policy.


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A block is a method by which administrators can prevent a user or IP address from contributing to the Marvel Database either temporarily or permanently. The main objective of a block is to stop detrimental edits and preserve a pleasant environment. It's a sanction against a user that has repeatedly violated any of the Marvel Database's policies and guidelines. No user is exempt from being penalized. A block can be appealed, and can be lifted in the blocked editor agrees to change their behavior, see Appealing to a Block for more information.

Three Strikes System

Blocking will only be immediate and permanent if an editor poses an urgent threat to the Marvel Database (for instance, if they are a vandal). Otherwise, a system of three strikes will be used to get their attention before actually blocking them. A message explaining which rule(s) the user is breaking will be posted on their wall by an admin. The message will be reposted again if the user continues editing without showing any sign of change, warning them that it is their final notice before a block.

Block Duration

The duration of a block will vary depending the severity of the violation. Vandals, spammers and sock-puppeteers will be given a permanent block. Continuous and severe violations of the Manual of Style (bad grammar, failure to cite sources, disregard for the image upload procedure and low-effort edits) will be penalized with a 1-week block. Users that add misleading information (including fan-created content and false references) will be penalized with a 3-week block. Users that display toxic behavior or harass others will be penalized with a 4-week block. For other types of offenses, the duration of the block is up to the discretion of the administrator that enforces the block.

Blockable Offenses

  • Abuse of multiple accounts
  • Addition of fan-created content
  • Deletion of content from pages without reason
  • Inserting false references
  • Intentional addition of false or misleading information
  • Plagiarism
  • Spam
  • Toxic behavior
  • Use of unacceptable username
  • Use of AI tools to generate encyclopedic content
  • Vandalism
  • Violation of the Manual of Style
  • Violation of the Naming Conventions
  • Violation of the TRN Guidelines

Recidivist Offenders

Users that repeat an offense or commit another one after returning from the blocking period will be blocked for two months. If a user continues with this type of behavior, they will be penalized for a third and final time with a permanent block.

Appealing to a Block

It is possible for users to appeal to a block. If you have been blocked, please reply the block message in your wall to explain why you should be unblocked. If the administrator that blocked you assumes they can trust you in following our site's rules from then onwards, the block will be removed.