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Due to recent developments, please be aware that the use of large language model or generative AIs in writing article content is strictly forbidden. This caveat has now been added to the Manual of Style and Blocking Policy.


Marvel Database

The Marvel Database consists of an immense network of contributors from all over the world, with different tastes, of different ages, and so on. To ensure a peaceful environment, we ask that you please follow the following code of conduct:

  • Be Collaborative: By definition, a wiki depends on the collaboration between its users. You have to be willing to listen to other people, help them out, and accept suggestions. Every user is expected to interact with others civilly, calmly, and in a spirit of cooperation.
  • Follow the Guidelines: Please respect this community's rules and established formatting. No user is exempt from following the policies and guidelines; they are important and necessary to maintain the content of the site in order and properly catalogued. If you are penalized with a block for violating a policy or guideline, assume accountability. Don't forget that in some cases, you can appeal to a block.
  • Assume Good Faith: All contributors in the Marvel Database share the same goal: to help improve the contents of the site. Unless the actions of a user blatantly outs them as a vandal or ill-intentioned, don't assume they are such thing. For instance, it is common for new and inexperienced users to make unintentionally counterproductive edits.
  • Keep It Clean: We're trying to establish a family-friendly wiki. Please forego the using of profanity. Thank you.
  • Fan-Made Content: This is not the site for things that you have created. This includes characters, nicknames or other terminology, etc. which belong elsewhere, such as the Marvel Fanon Wikia. Any pages about content not found in an official Marvel publication or otherwise owned by Marvel will be deleted.
  • Don't Use the Marvel Database as a Hosting Site: While it is allowed to make use of your profile to express yourself as a fan, don't use this site as a hosting site for your videos or fan art images.
  • Remember We Are All Equals: No matter for how long they have been editing, how many edits they have, or even if they are part of the staff, no user should belittle or place themselves above others.
  • Respect the Administrators and Moderators: One of the functions of the administrative team is to ensure contributions are up to standard, so don't take it personal if a contribution of yours is reverted by an administrator or moderator, or if they leave a message in your wall pointing something out. Make sure to acknowledge any messages in your wall from administrators or moderators so they know their message got through. It is also prohibited to delete any administrative message from one's wall since it helps the rest of the team know if a user has been notified of something.
  • Don't Make Things Personal: Importing personal conflicts into discussions, carrying on ideological battles, or nurturing prejudice, hatred and fear is strictly prohibited.
  • Be Reasonable in Discussions: Don't take things personally, and don't try to advance your position in disagreements by making unilateral changes. Do not insult, harass, or intimidate those with whom you have a disagreement. Approach the matter intelligently and engage in polite discussion.
  • Don't Turn the Site into a Battleground: Work with whomever you like, but do not organize a faction that disrupts (or aims to disrupt) the Marvel Database's fundamental decision-making process, which is based on building a consensus. Editors in large disputes should work in good faith to find broad principles of agreement between different viewpoints.