The Marvel Database Project (MDP) is a fan-based site which relies on the Marvel Comics fan community for support. Our goal is to build a complete reference tool for all official Marvel Inc properties, and we can't do it without you! We encourage you to create an account and help us achieve this goal. This page describes some of what we are currently working on and what you can do to help.

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Helpful Resources

Editing Tools

  • Editing - The most commonly used help page.
  • List of Main Categories - This list is by no means exhaustive, but most articles should include of them, if not more.
  • Sandbox - The place to practice your new-found wiki editing skills.
  • Tasks - A more complete 'to do' list of things we need to do on the site.

Project Policies

  • Image Policy - Guidelines regarding image use, uploading and licensing.
  • Naming Conventions - The place to reference how to name an article to keep things tidy around here...
  • Plagiarism - This goes hand in hand with the copyrights link above.


  • Administration - A central location for all the tools available to administrators to keep the site running smoothly.
  • Donations - Do you think the MDP is a worthwhile cause? Want to see us around for a while? Toss a nickel in our cup...
  • Firefox/Mozilla Plug-ins - Add these plug-ins to your Firefox/Mozilla and you can search the MDP and DCDP directly from your web-browser! (Courtesy of Sleeper)
  • MDP Staff - If you have a concern or question that only a senior member can answer... ask someone from the staff. They are always glad to help!
  • Suggestions - Have an idea to our improve our site? We would love to hear it!

Related Communities

  • Wikipedia - The largest online encyclopedia maintained by its users. They also utilize the MediaWiki software that the MDP uses.
  • The Marvel Directory - A site that strives to build a great resource for Marvel fans from around the world.

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