Marvel Database

Decisions at Marvel Database are made on community consensus. It refers to the procedure of our decision making and the results of that. Consensus requires collaboration between editors to achieve best possible result for widespread agreement without the need of unanimity.

Consensus through editing

Most common way to achieve consensus is by editing. If an edit is not contested, it should be acknowledged as consensus. If there's a disagreement between editors, they could seek out a consensus by new edits or reverting and giving clear edit summaries. Repeated reversions are considered as edit warring and not allowed on Marvel Database. Disagreeing editors are required to search solution through discussion when editing don't help them to gain agreement anymore.

Consensus through discussion

Although editing is an acceptable way to seek out a consensus, it can be useful to start a discussion before editing. It's encouraged before making any radical changes to articles or categories and especially on policy changes.

Determining consensus

No consensus

Without a consensus, status quo should remain and proposed change is rejected.

Consensus can change

There are many reasons why previous consensus might have been changed and therefore editors can always propose a change to existing consensus. However, common sense should be used on how often change can be proposed, considering is there a new information about the subject or new discussion participants. If previous consensus has been achieved through discussion, it's better to propose a change by starting a new one. If somebody challenges previous consensus by editing, it's helpful to link to previous discussion on edit summary of revert edit.