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This page provides an overview for the standard format of a gallery page. Gallery pages are subpages of an article dedicated to sorting out images of the page's subject. A link to a page's gallery can be found under the main image of its infobox. For the guidelines when it comes to the images themselves, please see our Image Policy.


A gallery isn't meant to display every single image of an article's subject. All images added to a gallery must show its subject adequately. For example, in the gallery of a given character, avoid adding images where the character is part of a group unless they are the focus of the image or share a substantial part of the spotlight. Readers must be able to percieve the subject of the gallery in every image at a quick glance without having to inspect them. When it comes to images like covers and posters, their textless versions should be favored.

Distribution and Layout

Three levels of segmentation are used in galleries:

  • Media segmentation
  • Variation segmentation
  • Format segmentation

Media Segmentation

A gallery will be first and foremost segmented by the type of media an image comes from:

  • Comics
  • Live-Action
  • Animation
  • Video Games
  • Concept Art
  • Miscellaneous

Some galleries will belong to characters and things that have appeared in different media. The hierarchy between each section is determined in a case-by-case basis depending on the pertinence of each medium to the gallery's subject.

Variation Segmentation

Each media section can be broken down into sub-sections to group together variations of the gallery's subject. For characters, these variations can correspond to different costumes and identities. A sub-segment can be used to sort out images of an article's subject accompanied by a specific character as well. For teams and organizations, they can correspond to different line-ups and incarnations. For items, locations and races, they can be alternate reality versions. Galleries for elements with no discernible variations are expected to omit this segmentation.

Format Segmentation

Variation sub-sections (or media sub-sections if the gallery omits variation segmentation) should then be broken down into sub-sections based on the specific format of the image within the type of medium it comes from:

  • Images under "Comics" are distributed into "Interior Art," "Cover Art," "Handbook Art" and "Promotional Art."
  • Images under "Live-Action," "Animation," and "Video Games" are distributed into "Screenshots" and "Promotional Material."


Level 2 heading is used for media segmentation (like this: ==Comics==). Level 3 heading is used for variation segmentation (like this: ===Other Identities===). Level 4 heading is used for format segmentation (like this: ====Interior Art====). If variation segmentation is omitted, then Level 3 heading is used on format segmentation.

Image Order

Images under sub-sections like "Interior Art" and "Screenshots" should be organized based on an in-universe chronological order. For example, if an image from a comic book released in 2019 takes place in the time frame of issues released in 1984, it should be sorted with images from that time frame. This principle also applies to images of a piece of media that jumps between points in time in its narrative. Several images of that piece of media should be sorted in chronological order.

Images like comic covers which are more figurative are sorted based on their release date without any in-universe chronological order involved. For covers that belong to the same issue, the textless (or regular version if textless is not available) of the main cover takes priority, and the variants should be sorted in alphabetical order. Within galleries, virgin variants are treated as textless versions of the main cover since they are virtually identical. The same applies to a virgin variants of a variant cover. Those are treated as textless versions of the variant cover.


Captions should always be used to establish the source of an image. In order to automatically format the link to a piece of media, make sure to use the appropriate linking template: cl for comics, ml for movies, el for shows and vl for video games. Here are four examples for each:

Clinton Barton (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 4 8 002.jpg|From {{cl|New Avengers Vol 4 8}}
James Rhodes (Earth-199999) from Iron Man 3 (film) 001.jpg|From {{ml|Iron Man 3 (film)}}
Rogue (Earth-11052) from X-Men Evolution Season 1 3 001.jpg|From {{el|X-Men: Evolution Season 1 3}}
Kamala Khan (Earth-38264) from Marvel's Avengers (video game) 001.jpg|From {{vl|Marvel's Avengers (video game)}}

And their captions are displayed like this:

Captions for images from covers and posters are formated only presenting the title of the piece of media. It's not necessary to distinguish textless versions of a cover as such, and virgin variants are regarded as textless versions.

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 264.jpg|{{cl|Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 264}}
Captain America Vol 6 11 Textless.jpg|{{cl|Captain America Vol 6 11}}
Absolute Carnage Vol 1 4 Virgin Variant.jpg|{{cl|Absolute Carnage Vol 1 4}}
Doctor Strange (film) poster 003.jpg|{{ml|Doctor Strange (film)}}

Which is displayed like this:

When it comes to variant comic book covers, the caption should distinguish them as such. Virgin variants to a cover which is already a variant are virtually the same as textless versions of the variant, so it's not necessary to distinguish them as virgin variants.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 577 Buscema Variant Textless.jpg|{{cl|Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 577}}<br>Buscema Variant
Astonishing Ant-Man Vol 1 7 Story Thus Far Variant Textless.jpg|{{cl|Astonishing Ant-Man Vol 1 7}}<br>Story Thus Far Variant
Fantastic Four Vol 6 11 Larraz Virgin Variant.jpg|{{cl|Venom Vol 4 5}}<br>Larraz Variant
Daredevil Vol 6 10 Bring on the Bad Guys Variant Textless.jpg|{{cl|Daredevil Vol 6 10}}<br>Bring on the Bad Guys Variant

Which appears like this:

Images cropped from comic book covers should indicate that they are details. In the case of images cropped from variant covers, the caption should indicate both that it's a variant cover and that it's a detail. The following example shows both instances:

Fabio Medina (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 2 17 cover 001.jpg|{{cl|Spider-Man Vol 2 17}}<br>(Detail)
Odin Borson (Earth-616) from Fear Itself Vol 1 1 Immonen Variant cover 001.jpg|{{cl|Fear Itself Vol 1 1}}<br>Immonen Variant<br>(Detail)

Which is displayed like this:

If two or more images within the same division share a source, only the caption for the first image should link to the article of the source. The title of the source should still be manually formatted in the non-linked captions to account for the title format:

Carl Creel (Earth-616) from Immortal Hulk Vol 1 36 001.jpg|From {{cl|Immortal Hulk Vol 1 36}}
Carl Creel (Earth-616) from Immortal Hulk Vol 1 36 002.jpg|From ''Immortal Hulk'' #36
Captain Marvel Vol 10 18 Textless.jpg|{{cl|Captain Marvel Vol 10 18}}
Captain Marvel Vol 10 18 Empyre Variant.jpg|''Captain Marvel'' (Vol. 10) #18<br>Empyre Variant

Which is displayed like this:

Captions can also be used to provide a short description of an image, though they should be concise. If you use verbs to describe specific actions happening in an image, use gerunds. A line break should also be used to separate the description from the source, like this:

Elizabeth Braddock (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 268 001.png|Striking against [[Hand (Earth-616)|Hand]] ninjas<br>From {{cl|Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 268}}
Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 3 007.jpg|Stealth mode<br>From {{cl|Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 3}}
Weapon X (Earth-616) from Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha Vol 1 1 001.jpg|Being experimented on by [[Weapon X (Earth-616)|Weapon X]]<br>From {{cl|Weapons of Mutant Destruction: Alpha Vol 1 1}}
Stephen Strange (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange Vol 1 384 001.jpg|Powered by [[Yggdrasil]]<br>From {{cl|Doctor Strange Vol 1 384}}
Ultron (Earth-616) from Infinity Countdown Prime Vol 1 1 002.jpg|Obtaining the [[Soul Stone]]<br>From {{cl|Infinity Countdown Prime Vol 1 1}}
Miles Morales (Earth-1610) from Champions Vol 2 25 002.jpg|As Shadow-Spider<br>From {{cl|Champions Vol 2 25}}
Avengers Mountain from Avengers Vol 8 8 004.jpg|Boardroom<br>From {{cl|Avengers Vol 8 8}}
Bruce Banner (Earth-616) and Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-616) from Absolute Carnage Vol 1 3 001.jpg|Bonded to [[Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-616)|Venom]]<br>From {{cl|Absolute Carnage Vol 1 3}}

Which is displayed like this: