If you are uploading an image to our database, we ask that you help us keep which licenses our images are displayed under and categorize images for general organization purposes. Please consider adding one or more of the below tags to the description field as you upload each image:

Categorization Tags

Tag - Add to Summary if:

  • {{Character Image}} - Image is mainly focused on one character
  • {{Comic book cover}} - Image is a comic book cover
  • {{Fan Art Image}} - Image is a work of art by a fan
  • {{Item Image}} - Image is mainly focused on an item
  • {{Marvel Staff Image}} - Image is of one or more Marvel staff members
  • {{Merchandise Image}} - Image is of officially licensed merchandise
  • {{Race Image}} - Image shows a typical member of an alien species
  • {{Team Image}} - Image shows two or members of a team

License Tags

Tag - Add to Copyright status if:

  • {{Fairuse}} - Image is released under Fair Use Copyright License
  • {{GFDL}} - Image is released under GNU Free Documentation License

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