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Marvel Specific

Dedicated Individual Character Sites

Dedicated Team Sites

Fan Sites

Fan-Art Sites

Forum Sites

Game Sites

Informational Sites

Marvel Image Sites

Marvel Movies

  • Ant-Man (Pre-Production, slated for 2008 or 2009 release)
  • Avengers, The (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Black Panther (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Blade (on DVD)
  • Blade 2 (on DVD)
  • Blade 3 (on DVD)
  • Captain America (Pre-Production, slated for 2009 release)
  • Cloak & Dagger (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Daredevil (on DVD)
  • Daredevil 2 (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Deathlok (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Dr. Strange (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Elektra (on DVD)
  • Fantastic Four (on DVD)
  • Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer (In theatres June 15th, 2007)
  • Fantastic Four 3 (Contracted to be completed by 2017)
  • Ghost Rider (on DVD)
  • Hawkeye (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Hulk (on DVD)
  • The Incredible Hulk (Hulk 2) (Pre-Production, slated for 2008)
  • Iron Fist (Pre-Production, slated for 2008 or 2009 release)
  • Iron-Man (In-Production, slated for 2008 release)
  • Luke Cage (Pre-Production, slated for 2008 release)
  • Magneto (Pre-Production, slated for 2009 release)
  • Man-Thing (on DVD)
  • Nick Fury (Pre-Production, slated for 2008 or 2009 release)
  • Power Pack (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Punisher (on DVD)
  • Punisher 2 (Pre-Production, slated for 2007 or 2008 release)
  • Shang-Chi (Pre-Production, no dates available)
  • Spider-Man (on DVD)
  • Spider-Man 2 (on DVD)
  • Spider-Man 3 (In theatres May 4th, 2007)
  • Spider-Man 4 (Planning phase, no known dates)
  • Spider-Man 5 (Planning phase, no known dates)
  • Spider-Man 6 (Planning phase, no known dates)
  • Sub-Mariner (Pre-Production, slated for 2008 or 2009 release)
  • Wolverine (Pre-Production, slated for 2008 or 2009 release)
  • X-Men (on DVD)
  • X-Men 2 (on DVD)
  • X-Men 3 (on DVD)

Marvel Staff Sites

  • Ditko Looked Up - The most comprehensive site on the net about the one and only Steve Ditko, by expert Blake Bell.

Non-Marvel Specific

Forum Sites

  • TV Show Boards - A community that loves to talk about TV. Including TV shows and movies starring Marvel characters. (No registration required)

Game Sites


Informational Sites

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