Marvel Database

The Marvel Database is a collaborative effort between hundreds of different users with their own editing methods and standards. To avoid conflict and a potential edit war, please take into account the following points:

If You Wish to Revert an Edit

  • Use the edit summary to provide an explanation of why did you revert another user's contribution. A reversion is a complete rejection of the work of another editor and if the reversion is not properly supported, the editor whose work has been reverted may find it difficult to assume good faith on your part. Justfiying an edit reversion is not necessary for vandal edits, though it helps contributors who might catch glance of the edit reversion in the Wiki Activity quickly get an idea of why did it take place.
  • The Marvel Database features a wide variety of message templates to give a quick rundown of a policy the recipient might have unwittingly violated. After undoing an edit that constitutes a violation of any of the Marvel Database's policies that has a corresponding templated message, send it to the reverted editor so they can have a better understanding of why their edit was taken down.
  • If the reverted user insists to reinstate their edit without an explanation, do not engage in an edit war. Instead contact an administrator or moderator.
  • If the matter of an edit that you wish to revert is subjective (like the main image used in an article), try to first engage in a conversation in the article's talk page.

If Your Edit Has Been Reverted

  • Take into account that no contribution is ever actually removed from the wiki. Past versions of an article are stored in the article's edit history. You can access a page's edit history to retrieve your edit.
  • If another editor reverts your edit without apparent explanation, wait a few minutes to see if they explain their actions in the article's talk page or your own message wall.
  • Don't restore your edit immediately after it has been undone, especially without providing an explanation as to why you might revert a reversion. If you are a new user, it's better that you familiarize yourself with the workings of the Marvel Database before making edits of big proportions.
  • Be open to feedback about your edits from other contributors, and administrators and moderators, especially if you are a new editor.