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First resurrection

At a later date, the houngan and super-villain[1][2][3] Black Talon obtained Leland's body, as well as the bodies of three other deceased mutants -Changeling, Living Diamond and Scaleface-, to revive them as zombies,[1][2][4][3] in a team called the X-Humed;[1][2][3] his motives for doing such were unspecified,[2] but he devoted months to the plan. To find the Diamond's corpse in a common grave, the Black Talon sent a zombie, Joe DeCosta, to send a spell and affect the whole graveyard, but the Talon's control over his zombies was imperfect and DeCosta escaped, killing a person. This attracted the attention of District Attorney Blake Tower, who sent his employees She-Hulk and "Wheezi" Mason to consult expert Samuel Barone in New Orleans. Barone was secretly the Black Talon and captured them both.[1]

The Black Talon and his giant servant Garth obtained the fourth body, who had just arrived by boat (and who was either Changeling or Scaleface), arranged that each of the corpses was dressed in the original X-Men uniform and then the Black Talon started his resurrection ritual with the high moon, pinning jamba sticks on the ground and prompting the zombies to crawl up. Although She-Hulk broke the ropes binding her, she was not fast enough to stop the ritual and the zombies lived. Initially She-Hulk fought the Living Diamond; then Talon ordered Leland to attack, and She-Hulk felt she weighted two tons. Suddenly having an idea, she decided to not fight gravity, but to go with it – falling to the ground and making all the zombies lose balance with the expansive wave. Scaleface recovered first; but She-Hulk finally grabbed one zombie and threw him against the others. This gave her a chance to release her friend Mason - but the Talon took that moment to escape in his own hearse with the zombies.[2]

Second resurrection

Shinobi Shaw used his own powers in an attempt to murder his father, suggesting in the process that Shinobi's powers were so similar to Leland's that maybe Sebastian was not Shinobi's father after all.[5] Shaw recovered and eventually murdered Shinobi himself.[6]

Even with the voodoo protection against further resurrection,[2] Leland -along with many other dead mutants, including Shinobi- was resurrected again by Selene and her allies using the Transmode Virus; this was a part of her plan to achieve apotheosis. Selene sent Leland and Shinobi to murder Sebastian Shaw and Donald Pierce, whom she accused of having failed her.[7] Sebastian Shaw and Pierce were among the prisoners of the X-Men in the X-Brig. Leland and Shinobi entered the prison unallowed, with Leland remembering how he died ironically to save Shaw's life. They were unaware that they were watched by Cameron Hodge and Bastion, the later being a Sentinel with access to Nimrod's memories.[6]

Shinobi strangled his father while Leland immobilized another prisoner, Empath, with his own powers. However, the prison warden Danger identified Leland's mutant powers in use and acted accordingly to stop them. Danger first used a laser to cut Shinobi's arm and save Sebastian Shaw, then detected the virus.[8] This gave Sebastian Shaw a fighting chance, with Danger by his side and Pierce mostly as a witness.[9]

Soon afterwards, Selene was killed, which apparently stopped the effect of the virus in the resurrected bodies, Leland's body presumably having ceased to be as well.[10] Sebastian Shaw and Donald Pierce were later seen, still alive and imprisoned in the Brig.[11]


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