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There are currently only a few guidelines for the treatment of spoilers on the Marvel Database rather than strict rules. This is in order to handle each spoiler situation carefully and uniquely, should it be a special case.

Main templates used for films, episodes, comics, and possibly characters who premiere in future-released media are modified to use the Spoiler Screen Template automatically based on release date(s).

Below is a list of available templates to use in case of spoilers, with some general guidelines on how to use them.

Available templates


To use, type {{spoiler|spoiler text}}, where the spoiler text is the text to be inserted within the spoiler box.

This template is best used for spoilers residing within an article itself, rather than the entire article being a spoiler altogether. It will require the viewer to click the 'show' button to read the spoiling text.

Template:Spoiler Screen

To use, type {{Spoiler Screen}} at the top of the page.

This template is best used for articles where multiple or any parts of the article could result in a spoiler for a viewer. It will give the viewer a chance to navigate away before being spoiled.

Revealing Alternate Identities

Characters whose real identities are either undisclosed as of the end of the issue, or revealed as part of a plot twist during the issue, can and should be treated as follows within the Appearances section: [[actual name|name used before revelation]] , thus Living Pharoah, who appears in X-Men #54 and X-Men #55 as Living Pharoah, and only becomes Living Monolith as of X-Men #56 can be addressed by the name he is generally known by since then. Alternately, if Norman Osborn appears separately from the Green Goblin, and we don't know he's the Green Goblin yet (i.e. prior to Amazing Spider-Man #39-40), he should be listed as each persona, and his secret disguised as above.

The "Patience" Clause

In ongoing comics/series where the details are unclear or going to be resolved in currently unreleased work, it is advised to wait until the resolution before updating pages in case the content has to be drastically altered. Sometimes, in cases where the true nature of something is unclear, the administration will impose an explicit veto on certain subjects until they are finished. As usual, these administrative decissions are not optional and every user is required to follow them.

This clause also applies to other mediums, that might end on a cliffhanger intended to be followed up on in a future installment (including mid- and post-credits scenes). Including but not limited to: episodes and seasons of a TV series, and entries in a video game and film series.