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The Temporary Reality Numbers (TRN for short) are a system used by the Marvel Database for the categorization of alternate realities which have not yet received an official numeric designation by Marvel.

  • The naming convention for a Temporary Reality Number consists of "Earth-TRN" followed by a number (e.g. Earth-TRN414).
  • TRN numbers are not chosen arbitrarily and must always follow the sequential order.
  • If a reality that was assigned a TRN is given an official number or is otherwise renamed, that TRN is retired. TRNs are not reassigned.

A new TRN can only be assigned by Administrator or Moderator (admod). Regular users are not permitted to create a new TRN or pages linking to it without the explicit permission of an admod. Violating this rule will result in a warning, while repeat offenders will be blocked from the site.


Not every new reality observed is automatically assigned a TRN, to prevent the stacking up of TRNs that cannot be fleshed out. The criteria for a TRN are as follows:

  • A story, or a significant portion of it, takes place within the previously unseen reality and features multiple individuals/organizations from that reality.
    • Imaginations, dreams, visions, and in-universe storytelling featuring Marvel characters are treated as proper alternate realities, but must still satisfy this requirement to receive a TRN.
  • The reality itself does not appear, but is mentioned in the context that provides unique history of it, not matching any previously known reality.

The following do not qualify for TRNs, and may only receive reality pages if explicitly assigned a proper numerical designation by the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe or its Online Appendix:

  • Realities that only appear briefly, with no sufficient context to determine whether it's a previously seen reality, or a brand new one. Characters from such realities should be placed onto the Character Index for Unknown Reality Designations.
  • Characters from an unknown reality who only appear briefly as cameos and only have a minor role in the storyline, without any unique information about their home reality. Such characters likewise belong on the Character Index.
  • Characters from an unknown reality who have been transplanted from it to another reality (Miles Morales, Howard the Duck, Rachel Summers). They should be given pages under the number of their new adoptive reality, with their Infobox fields "Reality" and "Reality2" set to "Unknown" and "(currently displaced to [[Earth-XXX]])" respectively.
  • Characters who only appear on the Covers or in Merchandise.
  • Characters and titles that are licensed (Star Wars, Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo, etc.), creator-owned (Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Powers, etc.), fan-made, or otherwise unofficial (e.g. 3 Dev Adam).
  • Comics from imprint labels (Malibu Comics, Epic Comics, Icon Comics, CrossGen, etc.).