This is the official "To-Do" list for the Marvel Database.

Please add any feature suggestions or template changes to the forum page and they will be moved to this page as needed. If there are any questionable changes they will be moved to the forums for further discussion. Please see an admin or ask any To-Do questions on the discussion page. You may address any reasons why your suggestion is not on listed on this page under this discussion page as well.


Top Priority

  • Come up with full list of Comic Collection types (limited series, handbooks, etc) to use on all projects - suggested on forums
    • Possible uses under the Comic List Template, Categories, and Comic template are currently being looked into.
    • Adding a Novel and Paperback/Hardcover template. - From staff decision of a lack of this on the site.
  • Determine a way to handle powers being used in templates (will need a full list of powers) - asked in the forums
  • Find a way to handle dead and deaths of characters - All Projects forum
    • Possibly add in a "Graveyard" option into the site - All Projects Forum
    • Finalize using the template tie-in for first appearances and deaths. This will show first appearances of characters on their Character pages (if not filled in) when it is used in the Comic template as an appearance note. - Forum suggestion by Eetmi.
  • Add dropdown templating to allow easier "templatification" and newbies to make changes. This will integrate other changes very easily and help with other ideas down the road. - Forum suggestion. See also This page and this page to help out.
  • Make a better way to show and handle reprinted works. Possibly a "tie-in" for the comic/reprint templates to show that "x-comic" is shown reprinted in x, y, z comics. - Forum suggestion by Eetmi.
  • Sidebar options to help link to complete comics and overhaul of the sidebar links. - forum suggestion
  • Comic Lists -- come up with a different way to list or automate the lists. - forum suggestion

Low Priority

  • Main Page and entire site upkeep for "Google-awareness". - ongoing
  • WikiComicTracker - currently in development by fearless leader Jamie and addressed on forum
  • Generate contact list for Marvel staff based on website and staff member page info.
  • Build a referencing template for referencing when real names were revealed in comic issues. Integrate this into the character template. - see this forum for updates.
  • Come up with a way to handle Category:Solicitations date/week categorizations - See User talk:M1shawhan#Solicits (may be found in the archives if moved...)


  • Adding auto-categorization of /Creators to Character template. Allowing crediting of all characters by a particular staff member. - Suggested on forums
  • Adding templating for use of Trading Cards as license tag in Image template - forum suggestion
  • Adding Era of Introduction to the Character Template - to show "when" characters were created - forum suggestion
  • Deal with possible merge of Character/Appearance vs Category Appearances - template and forum suggestions.
  • Complete templating of the Character pages - see this page for list.
  • Complete overhaul of Appearing sections in Comic Template upon use of Template:Cast inclusion. Also determine template use of Location/Item/Vehicle appearances in the template - see: this page and this page in the forums.
  • Develop "Autoquoting" to allow quotes to populate in quote pages automagically. - see question on forum.
  • "Comics:" namespace. Need to find a resolution to the questions posed on the forums and from users - Forum debate on the topic
  • Adding uncredited members to auto-magically appear as "Uncredited" in the Comic template infobox. - suggested on forums
    • Still correct out the template to handle storylines 20-30 and also correct out Editor-in-Chief/Cover Artist handling of uncredited. - determined from further use of the new template and forum suggestion under same forum topic.
    • Adding publisher to the comic template - suggested under same forum topic.
  • Finally address the use of events/storylines in comic templates or on event template altogether - suggested on forum
  • More integration/communication between sister sites; DC Database, Image Database, Dark Horse Database. Come up with ways to promote all sites on eachother to build better base for all sites. - Based on admin discussions.
  • Re-Link all the pages that are now "mis-categorized". - Created task from the onset of "Cast" disintegration in the template. - Done, (Thank you Artful Dodger) and will be monitored on an "as needed" basis.
  • Add a blog/review for page on the Comic template to allow easy comic blogs. These will show on the blog section on the main page. -- Again, Nathan has saved the day...or done all the work - either way, it's appreciated!
  • Clear up the issues with Minor characters & discontinue the template - No longer needed...
  • Main page cleanup - possibly create an admin schedule/checklist - from forum suggestion
  • Cover pages - need to prioritize adding more to the site. Possibly need a proactive addition of images via an announcement or other.
  • Quotations to have a speech bubble placed around the quote. - suggested on forum (completed by use of large quotation marks in lieu of speech bubble)
  • Determine an easy way to handle cover images for variants/back covers on the comic template and how to display them on the comic pages. - suggested on forums
  • Main Page - "Ask a Marvelite" - Thank you Nathan!
  • Cleanup/Add any further "Occupations, Unusual Features, Origin, Statuses, the Character Templates - Determined from a forum fix

Ideas on Hold

  • Pop-up idea - see: This page - Readding this idea to the list for Image popups only to show larger sized images in the popup. - holding this idea...yet again --M1shawhan 03:58, 5 August 2008 (UTC)
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