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If template isn't working for some categories, it is likely caused by excess [, ], { or } in some of the comic issues.

This template uses DPL and lua Module:Volume Template to return a gallery of comic issues based on the parameter category (for example, Category:Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 for Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1). It can be used to automatically create a list for entire volume, without a need to add information manually.

Template can return up to 1000 results.

The issues are sorted automatically, including point one issues.

Images are added from Marvel Database:Comic Template's field "Image", or, if it is empty, template would check for cover or textless version, if none of them exists, "File:No Image Cover.jpg" would be used.

Parameters part1-part9 can be used to specify the number of returned results. If they are not listed, entire volume would be returned.

Parameters part1_above-part9_above and part1_below-part9_below can be used to add text before or after gallery, for example part1_above - to add a header, while part1_below - to add information about relaunch of the volume (example: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1).

Empty Syntax

{{Marvel Database:Volume Template}}


{{Marvel Database:Volume Template
|volume_logo  = 
|publisher    = 

|format       = 
|main_volume  = 
|type         = 
|status       = 
|relaunches   = 
|genres       = 
|featured     = 

|PreviousVol  = 
|NextVol      = 

|category     = 
|exclude      = 

|part1_above  = 
|part1        = 
|part1_below  = 

| volume_logo             = SERIES LOGO
| volume_logo_size        = width of volume logo in px. DEFAULT: 180px
| publisher               = Name of publisher (for example, Epic). DEFAULT: Marvel Comics
| format                  = Limited Series; Ongoing Series; One Shot; Annual; Handbook; TPB
| main_volume             = Used to display link to main volume for annuals, specials, etc.
| type                    = Solo; Team; Team-Up; Event; Adaptation
| status                  = Active; Canceled; Finished; Announced (Automatically filled based on issue dates)
| relaunches              = List of issues in which volume was relaunched. For example, for Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 - Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 533; Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 789
| genres                  = Superhero; Western, Horror, etc.
| featured                = Main character/team

| PreviousVol             = Previous volume (Automatically filled if it's the same title)
| NextVol                 = Next volume (Automatically filled if it's the same title)

| category                = DEFAULT: {{PAGENAME}} (Used to automatically form a list of issues from the category associated with it. For example, [[:Category:Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1]] for [[Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1]])

| part1_above             = Text displayed above the part of the list of issues
| part1                   = Issues are shown up to this number (Used to separate list of issues into several parts)
| part1_below             = Text displayed below the part of the list of issues

| Notes                   = NOTES REGARDING THE COMIC TITLE
| SeeAlso                 = OTHER PAGES REFERRING TO PAGE NAME