Thieviusracoonus Thieviusracoonus 13 days ago

Theory to Last Remains

I believe that Spider-Man's deal with Mephisto from One More Day is starting to crumble. Ever since Ghost Rider usurped Mephisto from his throne during the Damnation event, the deal is now gradually falling apart. That would explain a whole lot of t…

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Harpsicorder Harpsicorder 24 days ago

Black Widow Theories

Black Widow is being trained by the Taskmaster in a flashback to her past. In the present, she stops, then thinks about what happened that day, the day she was forced to kill her teacher. She gets up, past Thaddeus Ross, out of the room, and dispatc…

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Harpsicorder Harpsicorder 24 days ago

WandaVision Theories

Wanda and Vision are in an alternate reality, with no memory of their previous lives. Vision is fake, not the real one, and was created by Mephisto to keep Wanda pacified while he conquers Earth, knowing only she can stop him.

The entire show is a li…

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Harpsicorder Harpsicorder 24 days ago


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Harpsicorder Harpsicorder 24 days ago

Loki Theories

The Time Variance Authority catches Loki in the middle of the desert, then Mobius M. Mobius takes him to the judge for decision. The judge decides that Loki must learn from him actions before setting him loose, to which Loki protests.

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