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This page is used to help in deletion of fan art galleries. See discussion on Thread:909040.

To-do list

Fan Art subpages


  • Category:User_Gallery_A - See what new user galleries have appeared

  • Katherine Pryde (Earth-616)/Fan Art
  • Links - Once all Fan Art Galleries are deleted, this will be empty
  • Gallery:Contents - Find and remove links listed under "Fan Art by Character or Team"
  • Gallery:Fan Art Gallery - Links to obsolete project pages; delete each page and sub page
  • Category:Fan Art Gallery A|Fan Art Gallery A - MAIN GALLERY SPACE
  • Category:Fan Art Galleries - Only five; delete this and all links
  • Fan Art Galleries - Search of all Fan Art Galleries
  • Category:Fan_Artist_Galleries - Empty; delete this and all links
  • Gallery:Fan Artists - Redirect page; delete this and all links
  • Gallery:Character gallery - Deleted due to duplication


  • Category:Public_Domain_Images to be cleaned up
  • Category:Fan_Art_Images - Primary list of images to be deleted after 28May16 - MOVED TO USER IMAGES 30Dec16
  • Category:User_Images - All fan art which is remaining will be categorized as User Images - WORK COMPLETE 30Dec16
  • Latest fan art images
  • Category:Public_Domain_(Fan_Art) - Edited the image template to remove Public Domain as a autocategorization for Fan Art


Obsolete Pages

  • Gallery:Artist Gallery - Changed links to be category links
  • Gallery:Artists - deleted each page and sub page
  • Gallery:Characters - Deleted as an unused redirect
  • Gallery:Fan_Art - Deleted as an unused redirect
  • Template:Location Gallery Listing - Deleted as a obsolete page


Add to the list if you find more traces of Fan art galleries and put a strikethrough to what's already done. I purposely didn't add Category:Fan Artist Galleries yet. —Mrkermit (talk) 22:47, April 25, 2016 (UTC)