Hey M1,

I made this work so that if you don't use any of the parts of the template, it just shows the messagebox and categorizes it into Category:Comic Lists. That way, we don't have a bunch of them with nothing but {{Comic List}} looking broken until we update them. :) --Your Friendly Neighborhood Peteparker (talkcontribsemail) 00:26, 4 March 2008 (UTC)

Wait, wait, wait...can't we just have this autofill, just like we have the Comic:Contents page fill in the gallery? We make it to where it autofills the gallery and we can still input our own info. we say beginning issue#, last issue# and places where it breaks we simply fill in with page links to the other volumes/series/etc...Plausible? Possible? That's the question. --M1shawhan 02:23, 21 October 2008 (UTC)
Plausible? Yes.
Possible? Yes.
Complicated? Yes.
The way we autofill the contents page is by using pages that already exist on the site. Having an autofill that creates gallery objects and links based on pages that don't exist on our site would be very challenging. I wouldn't say it's impossible, but having to put in the starting and stopping points before and after each book that doesn't exist on the site yet would be more work than we do now. However, we could have it autofill volumes that are currently complete, with both images in every comic and a page for every comic.
Nathan (Peteparker) (Earth-1218) (talkcontribsemail) 18:49, 22 October 2008 (UTC)
Okay, so we fill in templates for the pages to MAKE them exist and put in cover items as/when possible. Would it be possible to put in autofills of the 'None.jpg' image if there is no image pulled from the page? If so, that would cover all the loose ends. The stopping & starting pages was for those comics that split up to Vol 2 for a while and then come back (X-Men v2 -> New X-Men v1 -> X-Men v2). I am trying to make a complete overhaul of this template since it meets a lot of the things we need to have it show, but there is quite a bit of "unneeded" editing that I see. Does this make this more or less of a possibility? ;) --M1shawhan 23:08, 22 October 2008 (UTC)

Extra brackets

Template prints extra brackets }} to bottom of the pages. --Mrkermit (talk) 16:00, April 26, 2015 (UTC)

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