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  1. The Mightiest of Heroes!
  2. Heroes Annihilated!?
  3. Iron Man, Reborn!
  4. Re-enforcement Hawkeye
  5. Mighty Thor Descends!
  6. Hulk Runs Wild!!
  7. Hulk Versus Captain
  8. Avengers Assemble
  9. Spider-Man is Missing
  10. Showdown! The Silver-Donned Samurai!
  11. A Gift from Tony
  12. The Unstoppable Juggernaut
  13. Gravity Control! Graviton
  14. The Man Who Controls the Whips of Darkness
  15. Castle Treasure Hunt
  16. Untamable Beasts
  17. That Man, Wolverine!
  18. Mutant Girl Awakening
  19. Stolen Heroes
  20. In Trouble! Wolverine!
  21. X-Men! To Loki's Castle!
  22. Final Battle! Loki Vs. The Heroes!
  23. A Brand New Red Terror!
  24. Guardians of the Galaxy
  25. Together With the Guardians
  26. Protect the Top-Secret Data!
  27. The Forbidden Hero Appears?
  28. The Earth Destruction Stratagem!
  29. His Majesty, Black Panther!
  30. Chris and the Moment of Truth!
  31. Ed's Solo Infiltration Mission
  32. Hikaru, Tainted By Evil
  33. The Ultimate Strategy of the Red Skull
  34. A New Avenger?
  35. The Black Spider-Man!
  36. Weakness of the Venom Symbiote!
  37. The Overly Clever Helper Robot!
  38. Sub-Orbital Iron Man!
  39. The Ultra Gigantic Ultron Army!
  40. Hikaru, Thor and the Mysterious Voice
  41. The 5 Goons Strike Back!
  42. Night of the Vampires!
  43. Blade's Heartless Decision!
  44. Ronin and the Treasure of Darkness!
  45. The Trap To Divide the Heroes!
  46. Doctor Strange
  47. Tony's Waking Warning
  48. At Long Last, the Gate to Darkness Opens!
  49. Complete Release from the DISKs!
  50. The Hero Alliance, On the Verge of Defeat
  51. Farewell, Heroes of My Heart!



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