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Akira Akatsuki, a young boy fom Japan, is invited by his father, Dr. Nozomu Akatsuki, to attend the demonstration of Nozomu’s latest invention; the Digital Identity Securement Kit, or DISK. This new technology, which Nozomu developed together with Tony Stark, will revolutionize the capture and detainment of supervillains. Multiple superheroes, including The Avengers, will attend the first demonstration.

Along of the ride is Akira’s older brother Hikaru. Both are exited to see their father again after he left for America 2 years prior. However, due to Akira stopping on his way home to help a lost child find his mother, the 2 brothers miss their plane. So Tony Stark sends Pepper Pots to pick the two boys up and bring them to The Raft. Once on the Raft, the Akatsuki brothers meet 3 other children that were invited to get a tour through The Raft: Edward Grant, Chris Taylor, and Jessica Shannon.

Things turn sour however when The Celebrity Five, 5 human criminals working for Loki, infiltrate The Raft and use the DISK’s to capture the supervillains so they can smuggle them out of their cells. Loki then reveals himself and unleashes several of the villains, forcing the Avengers to fight them off. One villain, the Crimson Dynamo, goes after Dr. Akatsuki and his 2 sons, but the three of them are saved by the timely arrival of Spider-Man (who was on the island since Peter Parker is Dr. Akasuki’s assistant).

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