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Tony and Akira negotiate with Silver Samurai for his help to transfer the Avengers’ base of operations to Japan, now that America is out of the question due to the new superhero registration act. Pepper Potts is spying on the conversation through a camera hidden in Akira’s shirt, while the other kids and the Avengers wait outside Silver Samurai’s house. Tony proposes a temporary cease-fire between him and Silver Samurai, as well as Samurai’s promise that he won’t ally himself with Loki. He uses the fact that he once saved Silver Samurai’s sister’s life as a bargaining chip.

Akira is skeptical and wants to leave the dojo, but Silver Samurai summons his ninja to stop him. The samurai himself is disappointed that Tony has apparently gone soft and suddenly wants to negotiate with a villain like him, and is no longer the rival Silver Samurai hoped for. He agrees to help Iron Man however. He also puts Akira in his place by stating he is nothing more than just somebody to D-smash Iron Man when needed. Iron Man however contradicts this, stating that Akira helped him breach Whirlwind’s tornado in the previous episode. Upon hearing this, Silver Samurai decides to put Akira to the test.

The test consists of Silver Samurai attacking Akira with his Katana, with Akria having to D-Smash Iron Man in time to block the katana. If Akira refuses the deal is off. Hikaru is tired of waiting and attempts to storm the house to help Akira. Captain America orders Chris to stop him, but they are too late: Hikaru has already attracted the attention of the ninja. All Avengers D-Smash to fight them. In the dojo Iron Man tries to talk Akira out of taking the challenge, but Akira decides to go for it. Akira passes the test, and earns Silver Samurai’s trust. Hikaru and Thor reach the dojo, only to discover Akira is fine. They quickly rush outside to stop the battle between the Avengers and the ninja.

That night, at their new headquarters, Pepper Potts calls Edwards’ parents to inform them of the situation, while Chris and Jessica arrange permission from their parents to stay in Japan. Peter Parker suddenly shows up as well to deliver a video message from Spider-Man. He tells them that he won’t be leaving America despite the new registration act, since New York still needs him. Therefore however, he won’t be able to assist the team any further. Iron Man offers Peter to come and work for him again, but Peter declines and returns to New York.

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