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The team begins to settle in Japan. Jessica goes shopping for clothes, Ed impresses the locals with his great knowledge of superheroes, and Chris tries the local cuisine. On Techno Isle, Pepper Potts stores the DISKs the team has captured so far (those of Whirlwind, Diablo and King Cobra). According to Pepper, Tony is working on a way to locate the other DISKs. Akira is helping him. Hikaru wonders why Senator Robert would be helping the villains, but Pepper claims she couldn’t find anything incriminating about him.

Meanwhile, the Celebrity Five are having a meeting with Loki in the latter’s Ice Palace. Loki claims the Avengers are no longer a threat, and finding the DISKs is what matters now. He refuses however to reveal his entire plan. On Techno Isle, Iron Man drives Akira nuts with his many requests; something Pepper can all too much understand. To make it up to him, Tony has Pepper modify the roller skates Akira received from his father into jet propelled roller skates called ‘booster skates’. Akira immediately takes them outside for a test run (to Tony’s dismay since he wants to continue his research). However, it soon becomes clear there are still a few bugs in the design; the skates cannot brake. Akira will have to wait for the battery to drain, in 3 hours.

Pepper calls Hikaru for help. Hikaru D-smashes Thor to help him. The first attempt fails due to the skates’ collision avoidance system. The situation only gets more dangerous when Akira skates onto a bridge that is still under construction. Thor manages to get ahead of Akira and launches him into the air, but is summoned back to his DISK before he can catch the boy. Fortunately, Hikaru manages to catch him instead, but Akira is too heavy for him to hold on and both fall off the bridge. Akira tries to D-Smash Iron Man, which works and both boys are saved by him.

That evening, the team returns to Techno Isle. In the lab, Tony and Pepper finish the D-system and start locating the DISKs.


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  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature any battles between heroes and villains.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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