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Everyone is asleep, except for Ed, who is stuffing his backpack for the team's first mission. Hulk urges him to get some sleep. The next day, Iron Man shows the team the D-system, while Pepper gives all kids new DISKs to D-secure any villains they encounter. After some encouriging words from Captain America, the team departs in the Stark Industries Jet.

Upon arrival at their destination, a waste disposal site littered with old airplanes, Ed has trouble keeping up with the team due to his heavy backpack. Chris doesn't exactly help matters as he insults Ed for his slow pace. Pepper calls the team to warn them that the DISK they are looking for is moving. This turns out to be because Joel Murphy has already found it, but while bragging about it he accidently lets it slip that Loki also has a scanner for finding the DISKs. From this, Iron Man deduces that Dr. Akatsuki is still alive, since only he could build such a device.

Joel receives a phone call from his producer that he is late for his recording session, so he sends Absorbing Man to fight the Avengers and flees with the DISK. Using his new Booster Skates, Akira and Ed (who is still doubting himself and doesn't want to D-Smash Hulk) give chase while the others fight of Absorbing Man. Absorbing man gives Thor, Wasp and Captain Amercia quite a challenge, but eventually they manage to overpower and D-secure him. Akira and Ed meanwhile catch up with Joel, who unsuccesfully tries to shake them off. When Akira also D-smashes Iron Man, Joel is forced to use the DISK he just found; the Juggernaut. Juggernaut easily overpowers Iron Man, and even shakes off the Ultimate Unibeam. Ed finally summons his courage and D-smashes Hulk. Hulk manages to match Juggernaut in physical strength, and gets the upper hand by delivering a massive reverberating blow to Juggernaut's helmet, causing him to keel over in pain. This allows Ed to D-secure the Juggernaut in a new DISK.

The team returns back to base with the 2 captured villains. That night, Chris finally shows some compassion towards Ed. In the lab, Pepper and Iron Man discover that the time limit the Avengers can stay out of their DISKs has increased by 1 minute. Tony suggests however that they keep this information to themselves for the moment.

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