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"The Man Who Controls the Whips of Darkness"

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"The Man Who Controls the Whips of Darkness"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Controls the Whips of Darkness"

The episode opens with what appears to be a battle between the Avengers themselves. However, it is actually just part of a videogame that Chris, Ed, Jessica and Hikaru are playing. Hikaru wins, for the 10th round in a row. While Chris and Ed are okay with this, Jessica is irritated that Hikaru is apparently flawless. Hikaru agrees to yet another round, but this time the game is interrupted by a blackout. When the kids rush to the lab (after Hikaru breaks open the electric doors), it turns out Akira was playing around with Tony’s inventions, which caused the blackout. Pepper switches the base to emergency power. Hikaru worries about Akira’s health, despite his brothers claims that he is fine, and keeps interrupting Iron Man to check on Akira. Eventually, Akira gets fed up and tells his brother to back off for once. A remark from Chris makes Hikaru realize he loses sight of everything else when it comes to Akira. Thor, who can relate to this, tells Hikaru about the history of him and Loki.

Pepper picks up a new DISK signal. In his Ice Palace, Loki berates the Celebrity Five for their lack of success and decides to personally go after this new DISK. On board the Stark Industries Jet, Jessica plots to use Hikaru’s concern for Akira against him in their next game. The team reaches their destination, an abandoned research facility, but so does Loki. Thor and Iron Man are D-smashed so they can open the door to the storage room, where the DISK is located along with a supply of unstable chemicals. At that moment, Loki contacts Hikaru on his cell phone. He proposes Thor to settle their score once and for all. Angered, Thor decides to accept. Hikaru realizes it’s just a trick to lure Thor away from the facility so the Avengers can’t open the door. Outside, Loki discusses his plan with Tim; as soon as Thor is gone, Tim has to get the DISK and blow up the facility to kill the Avengers.

With great effort, Hikaru manages to make Thor realize Loki’s true plan. Instead of Thor, Jessica, Chris and Ed confront Loki, and D-smash their partners to fight him. In the facility, Tim is dismayed to discover Thor has not left. He d-smashes Whiplash to fight off Thor and Iron Man. Using his lightning, Thor both powers up the automatic doors and defeats Whiplash. Akira D-secures Whiplash and Tim teleports away. Loki also retreats from his battle.

With the DISK secured, the team returns to base. Jessica challenges Hikaru to another game, which he wins again despite Jessica’s attempts to distract him.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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