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Pepper Potts demonstrates to the team an upgrade to the D-system, so they can better predict where a DISK will show up. However, she deduces that Loki will give his scanner the same upgrade. The next DISK is located in France, close to Jessica’s house. Since Akira and Hikaru are curious about her house, Jessica invites the team to stay there while they hunt for the DISK. However, she insists that this is not a sign that they are friends, and later claims to Wasp that she can handle herself.

In the Ice Palace, Tim brags that his way of handling the search is better than Loki’s. In France, the team is introduced to Jessica’s parents and gets to see her house, which is actually a complete castle. Akira gets a little carried away, but Mr. and Mrs. Shannon don’t mind since they are all too happy that Jessica is home. Jessica keeps insisting the others are not her friends, something her parents find concerning. They explain the others that Jessica was frequently left alone due to them having to work, and as such is not very sociable. In her own room, Jessica explains to Wasp that she is only helping the others because her wealth allows her to (which she calls “noblesse oblige”), but that they, and especially Akira, embarrass her.

The DISK turns out to be located in the underground path, beneath the castle. Jessica know that place due to an old legend about that place, which has been told in her family for generations. The legend states that ‘when a hero appears and delivers unto this place light, the hidden treasure will be theirs’. The team enters the underground path through the old well and starts searching, although Ed is afraid there might me ghosts in the tunnel. The tunnel turns out to be rigged with a booby traps, including one consisting of knight armors, and a descending ceiling. The team makes it through in one piece, though for Jessica it’s a close call with the ceiling. Only thanks to Akira does she survive, though Jessica isn’t grateful and considers Akira’s rescue a dumb action. Akira finally calls Jessica out on her behavior, but she hastily excuses herself and walks off. Iron Man talks Akira out of following her.

The boys find the DISK in a room full of old furniture. However, Tim Gilliam arrives by blasting himself a way in, and D-smashes Dr. Octopus. Akira D-smashes Iron Man, but Dr. Octopus captures Chris, Hikaru and Ed before they can D-Smash their heroes and takes them hostage. Meanwhile, Wasp tries to pursue Jessica to go back to the others. Jessica finally admits to Wasp that she is afraid to let the other kids get any closer to her than they already are, since she fears they will eventually see past her image of a rich, happy girl, and get to see her less than perfect side. They then probably won’t like her anymore. Wasp assures her that won’t happen, and tells what friends are for. Encouraged by her words, Jessica returns to the others and D-smashes Wasp. With her help, Iron Man defeats Dr. Octopus. Jessica D-secures him. Tim teleports away.

Akira gives Jessica the DISK as a sign that she did a good job. She invites the boys to join her for tea and cake to celebrate todays victory.

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