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In the middle of the night, Wolverine is scouting the city of Tokyo.

At the Avengers’ base, Pepper Potts worries about the kids (and Akira and Jessica in particular) lack of doing their homework between missions. She fears it’s their environment that discourages them, so she proposes Tony to take the kids to Techno Isle, Tokyo. A small city on an island where the most state of the art technology can be found, and largely funded by Stark International. According to Tony, it was meant to be the Avengers’ main base in Japan. It is also a very popular tourist spot, so the group quickly finds themselves in a traffic jam on their way there. So Pepper uses a shortcut made specifically for shareholders like Tony. The kids’ enthusiasm about seeing the city is tempered however when they learn Tony intends for them to go to school here on Techno Isle.

Unbeknown to them, Rosetta Riley and Okuma Jubei are also on Techno Isle. Okuma considers the city to be a disgrace. Both prepare to D-smash a villain. At the school, the kids slowly start to warm up to the idea of enrolling here, though Akira wonders if it won’t interfere with their mission to find the DISKs. Iron Man tells him that their father, Dr. Akatsuki, considered being able to multitask a perfectly normal thing. As the day goes by, the kids adjust to their new school. Akira even joins the basketball team. Here he meets a girl named Noriko Ashida. She happens to know Dr. Akatsuki and asks Akira for his autograph. When Hikaru shows up, Noriko is instantly smitten by him. This only increases as Hikaro tells her more about their fathers’ research on genetics. However, he and the others have to depart when they receive a call about a villain being on the loose. From the roof of the school, Wolverine observes Noriko.

The villain turns out to be Sabretooth. While he destroys the city and fights off the police, Rosetta gloats over the great story this will make. When Rosetta asks Okuma to D-smash his villain too, Sabretooth interrupts her and states he doesn’t want any competition. On their way to the battle, the kids and Avengers watch some footage of Sabertooth. Ed identifies him as a mutant, and proceeds to explain his team more about the X-gene and the superhumans it creates. Akira D-smashes Iron Man to go ahead and stall time until the others can join him. Iron Man can barely keep up with Sabretooth. The others arrive just in time to prevent him from getting seriously injured. The entire team unleashes their full power on Sabertooth, but even this is not enough to bring him down due to the latters healing factor. And due to their time limit, the Avengers can’t risk a drawn out battle. Fortunately, help arrives when Wolverine also joins the fight. However, before getting toe to toe with Sabertooth, Wolverine confronts Iron Man about his DISKs and the fact that they are used against mutants as well. He turns out to have Cyclops’ DISK in his possession.


This is the first episode to bring up the concept of Mutants, even though mutant characters have appeared in previous episodes. Namely Cyclops, Beast, Whirlwind and Silver Samurai.

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