"That Man, Wolverine!"
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In an empty class room in Techno Isle international school, Noriko wakes up from a strange dream. Through the windows she sees some large explosions occurring downtown. On her mobile phone, she sees the news coverage of the fight between the Avengers + Wolverine and Sabretooth. In his car, Manino Giordani also hears about the battle, and decides to spice things up a little by D-smashing 3 Destroyers to help Sabretooth. However, Sabretooth is enraged by their arrival and slashes one of the Destroyers to pieces before storming off to confront Rosetta Riley, believing her to be responsible for the Destroyers. He even knocks the DISK from her hand when she tries to D-secure him. Fortunately for her, Okuma D-secures Sabretooth instead. Rosetta scolds Manino for what he did.

Downtown, the Avengers and Wolverine quickly deal with the remaining 2 destroyers. Afterwards, Iron Man apologizes to Wolverine for some of the X-Men getting trapped in DISKs, and promises to find a way to help them. He also proposes that the Avengers and X-men should join forces against Loki. Wolverine isn’t interested however. To make his point clear, he tells the kids about the Sentinels and how years ago they used to ruthlessly hunt down mutants to send them to imprisonment camps. Wolverine fears that the DISKs will be used to do the same thing. Pepper argues against this, to no avail. A flashback reveals that Wolverine tried to discourage Cyclops from attending Iron Man’s party at the Raft, but professor X encouraged him since it could strengthen the bonds between mutants and humans. Wolverine departs. Akira wonders why people hate mutants, while other super powered individuals like Thor and Wasp are hailed as heroes.

That night, Noriko has the dream again. In the dream, Professor X tries to contact her. Noriko wakes up however before he can state why. The following morning, when Hikaru takes her for a walk, Noriko reveals she heard rumors about kids summoning the Avengers. This makes Hikaru realize they really have to be more careful not to expose themselves. Noriko asks Hikaru to escort her home, to which he agrees. Back at the base, the others wonder why Hikaru is late. In the gym, Chris asks Captain America about Bucky, and reveals he know Bucky died when fighting Baron Zemo. Cap doesn’t want to talk about it however.

In Tokyo, Hikaru and Noriko have just enjoyed a movie together. When they hear a cry for help, they find a young man being attacked by 3 punks. Hikaru tries to fight them off, but when he is about to lose, Noriko’s body suddenly gets engulfed in electricity. She shorts out all houses in her direct vicinity before calming down. Frightened by what just happened to her, Noriko falls to the ground screaming. Professor X telepathically contacts her again and tries to assure her he is her ally. He also tells her that she is a mutant. While the punks flee, Wolverine shows up to brig Noriko to Xavier’s Institute. However, first he wants to ask her a favor concerning Cyclops' DISK.

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