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Wolverine and Professor X try to convince Noriko of what she is, and also tell her what has happened to some of the X-Men. They hope that Noriko’s powers prove to be the key to permanently releasing all captured hero’s from their DISKs. Noriko however refuses to believe she’s a mutant, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with Wolverine. She even accidently injures Wolverine with her powers, but his healing factor protects him from serious harm. Noriko begs Hikaru not to tell anyone about her powers before storming off to her house.

Later that night, Hikaru and the others track down a new DISK to a construction site in Tokyo. Joel Murphy is also at the site, and D-smashes the entire Wrecking Crew to fight the Avengers. Hulk fights Bulldozer, Wasp and Captain America team up against Piledriver, Iron Man fights Wrecker and Thor fights Thunderball. Hikaru can’t focus on the mission however because his mind is with Noriko, and as a result almost gets crushed underneat a metal tower. Chris has to save him and seemingly gets crushed as well. For Captain America, this brings back memories about his and Bucky’s last mission in WWII, and he abandons the fight to rush to Chris’ aid. Both boys are fine though. The other Avengers finish off the Wrecking Crew, who all get D-secured by Akira, Ed, Jessica and Hikaru. Joel Murphy however has managed to find the DISK and teleports away with it. The team congratulates Chris for his saving of Hikaru, but Captain America is furious that Chris did something so reckless. Chris finally has enough, and calls Cap out for the fact that he’s just afraid of having to relive what happened to Bucky. As far as Chris is concerned, he and Cap are no longer partners.

Back at the base, Chris retreats to his room. Pepper Potts finds security footage of Noriko using her powers, and shows this to Akira and Tony. They tell the others about this, and that Noriko can possibly free them from the DISKs. Hikaru warns them that Noriko is still scared about finding out she’s a mutant, and asks them to approach her gently. Iron Man wants to act fast however because he fears what Loki might do if he finds out about Noriko’s powers. He does however allow for Hikaru to be the one to tell her they need her help. Led by Hikaru, the kids minus Chris seek out Noriko and show her that they are the partners of the Avengers. Noriko however is angry that Hikaru apparently told the others about her being a mutant. In her frustration, she accidently fires bolts of electricity at the kids and Avengers, forcing them to take cover. Wolverine shows up and orders the Avengers to stand down and calls Tony out for thinking of Noriko as nothing more than a tool for him to escape his DISK. Unbeknown to any of them, Okuma Jubei has followed the entire conversation from a nearby rooftop.


  • The way the Wrecking Crew members introduce themselves upon being D-smashed is very similar to the roll call of Super Sentai teams.

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