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Wolverine carries the unconscious Noriko away from the Avengers, but when she wakes up she panics and accidently causes another blackout. Wolverine leaves her alone for now, but restates his offer for Noriko to come to Xavier’s institute. On her way home, she runs into Hikaru again and the two have some coffee in a nearby café. He apologizes for what happened earlier and promises to convince the Avengers to leave her alone until she thinks she is ready.

Hikaru receives a phonecall from Ed, who warns him that Chris is planning to leave. Noriko tells him to go back and talk to his friend. Once outside, Hikaru D-smashes Thor so they can fly back to the base. At the base, Captain America asks Chris where he went wrong as a mentor. Chris only replies Cap doesn’t understand him and shuts off his hologram before packing his stuff and walking off. Outside he runs into Hikaru and Thor. Chris finally states he didn’t want for Cap to be his mentor but an equal. Ed joins the conversation and states that the fact that Cap hasn’t yet forgotten Bucky is the real problem. Chris however remains determined to leave and walks off.

The other Avengers try to think of what to do now. Iron Man still wants to coerce Noriko into helping them, but Hikaru vetoes this plan. Noriko suddenly shows up at the base to tell the kids she has decided to go to America with Wolverine. She also agrees to try and free the Avengers from their DISKs. However, she wants some privacy while using her powers in order to concentrate better. The others agree and leaver her in the lab with just the 5 DISKs . They retreat to the room upstairs, until suddenly smoke fills the building. They rush back to the lab, only to find Noriko and the DISKs are gone. Pepper discovers that the villain DISKs the team has collected so far are missing too. Moreover, all monitoring equipment has been destroyed. Noriko has stolen the DISKs.

Noriko meets up with Okuma Jubei in a deserted dojo. He apparently promised her to remove her powers if she brought him the DISKs. But after taking the DISKs, Okuma reveals he tricked her and cannot remove her powers. On Techno Isle, the kids try to find Noriko but nobody has seen her. Hikaru visits Noriko’s room, but only finds Wolverine there. He tells Hikaru that Professor X has found Noriko and that she has been captured by Loki’s henchmen. Hikaru reveals he lost his DISK, but he still wants to go and help Noriko. At the Dojo, Rosetta Riley and Okuma are waiting for Wolverine to come, which they know he will do. They have brought Baron Zemo and Predator X with them to deal with him. Outside the Dojo, Wolverine gives Hikaru Cyclops’ DISK so Hikaru can D-smash him.

Wolverine and Cyclops fight the 2 villains, but Wolverine gets hit by Predator X’ poison, which disrupts his healing factor. At the airport, Chris sees Rosetta’s news coverage of the fight. Hikaru warns Pepper, who in turn warns the other kids. When Chris hears the name Baron Zemo, he realizes it’s the villain that killed Bucky.

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