"In Trouble! Wolverine!"

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"In Trouble! Wolverine!"

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Cyclops tries to keep both Baron Zemo and Predator X away from the weakened Wolverine, while Hikaru attempts to carry Wolverine away from the battle. However, Wolverine is too heavy for him to carry due to his adamantium. Hikaru refuses to give up, even with Predator X closing in on them. In the dojo, Okuma forces Noriko to watch the fight. In Tokyo, Akira, Jessica and Ed meet up and search for a faster way to reach Hikaru.

Cyclops overpowers Baron Zemo, but his time limit runs out before he can finish the job and he returns to his DISK. Okuma confronts Hikaru, and demands both Cyclops’ and Captain America’s DISKs. This makes Hikaru realize that Captain America’s DISK was apparently not stolen by Noriko. Akira, Jessica and Ed also arrive on the scene. With Wolverine down, Ed tries to stall time by praising Baron Zemo with all the facts he knows about him and hopes that Chris will come back to them. At the airport, Chris discovers that he still has Captain America’s DISK with him. Ed has slipped it into his pocket just before Chris left. Ed runs out of things to say, but before Baron Zemo can finish the kids, Okuma makes the mistake to insult Mutants, calling the monsters. Angered by this and his earlier betrayal, Noriko lashes out at the villains with her powers. She drains all the electricity from Tokyo to blast Okuma, Zemo and Predator X away, but doesn’t stop there and keeps firing her electricity.

Professor X telepathically speaks to Noriko in an attempt to calm her down before she goes too far, but she won’t listen. Hikaru tries as well and succeeds. Okuma tries to D-Secure Noriko, but is stopped when Chris finally shows up. He D-smashes Captain America, who immediately takes on Baron Zemo. In the fight, Zemo taunts Cap with remarks about Bucky to make him drop his guard, and when he has Cap on the ropes Zemo begins insulting him as well. Zemo even manages to knock the Shield out of Cap’s hands. Having had enough, Chris interveres, gives Cap his Shield back and restates Cap is his partner. While Cap resumes the fight, Chris realizes that Cap has worries and insecurities too, just like him. Cap wins, and Okuma quickly calls both Zemo and Predator X back to their DISks.

Wolverine has recovered from the poison, but Okuma teleports away with the stolen DISKs before Wolverine can get to him. Cap and Chris make amends. Noriko, feeling sorry, decides to finally try to free Cyclops’ and Captain America from their DISKs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The Blackbird suddenly arrives, with Storm, Iceman and Colossus on board. Storm has the DISK containing Beast in her possession, and gives it to Jessica so they can talk to him. Beast suggests using Cerebro and the dimensional distortion caused by Okuma’s teleportation device to track down Loki’s base.


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