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"X-Men! To Loki's Castle!"

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"X-Men! To Loki's Castle!"

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Synopsis for "X-Men! To Loki's Castle!"

In his ice palace in Jotunheim, Loki mocks the captured Avengers, and Thor in particular. The Avengers threaten Loki that Captain America will bring him down. Loki in turn reveals the final stage of his plan: a large machine filled with DISKs, which will transfer the powers of all heroes and villains inside to Loki. He takes the Avengers DISK’s as well and enters the machine.

Meanwile, the kids and the X-Men have also arrived in Jotunheim. They are attacked by 3 Destroyers, but easily manage to defeat them. However, Loki draining the Heroes’ powers begins to affect their partners as well, so the team needs to hurry. Loki’s next line of defense turns out to be 3 Sentinels. The X-Men are forced into a retreat. On Earth, Professor X realizes the danger, and pleads with his old friend and rival Magneto to go and help the X-Men. If only to rescue Noriko, a young and inexperienced mutant. In Loki’s palace, Tim Gilliam taunts dr. Akatsuki that Loki is about to use the machine he forced Dr. Akatsuki to build, that the Avengers have been captured, and that both the X-Men and Akatsuki’s 2 sons will be killed by the Sentinels.

Outside, the X-Men try to fight off the Sentinels so the kids can get into the palace. The Sentinels are more than they can handle however. Even Noriko cannot stop them. Fortunately for the team, Magneto arrives and easily wrecks all three Sentinels. Ed warns the other kids that Magneto is the X-Men’s greatest enemy. Magneto asks Noriko to join his band of mutants. However, Noriko declines, stating that she is no longer afraid of what she is and believes humans and mutants can co-exist. Magneto tries to convince her otherwise, to no avail. He does state that she can always come to him should she change her mind.

The group reaches Loki’s castle, but inside they are confronted by M.O.D.O.K., Abomination, Baron Zemo, King Shark and Graviton. Ice Men orders Wolverine to take the kids to dr. Akatsuki, while he and the X-Men fight the villains. Noriko also stays to fight. The kids don’t get far however since Sabretooth shows up to block their path, forcing Wolverine to fight him. The kids reach the machine, where Loki is already absorbing all the powers. The Celebrity Five are also there, with Dr. Akatsuki as their hostage. Chris steps forward, and D-Smashes Captain America despite his biocode not having fully recharged yet. Chris body begins to glow with blue energy, and Dr. Akatsuki realizes his biocode has evolved, thus reducing the recharge time. Akatsuki uses a taser he had secretly build and hidden in his pocket to take out Okuma, and runs to his sons. Captain America tries to break the machine, but it’s too strong. Akatsuki, having built the machine, points out the weak spot. This time the attack succeeds and the machine falls apart. The kids all regain their DISKs and D-smash the Avengers.


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