"A Brand New Red Terror!"

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"A Brand New Red Terror!"

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Synopsis for "A Brand New Red Terror!"

Loki is defeated, but a new threat is about to rise. In his hideout, the Red Skull summons his servant Crossbones for a mission.

At the Avengers’ base, the team has received reinforcements from Japans’ greatest hero, Sunfire, until the kids have fully recovered from their ordeal in Jotunheim. Pepper and Tony deduce that the event that caused the dimensional tear was identical to the one that Akira and Loki accidently created earlier. Which means that Dr. Akatsuki and Loki are now in another space. Akira is determined to find his father again, and get even stronger.

The X-Men return to America, and Noriko has decided to go with them. Chris wonders if she will be fine, but Captain America assures him that the X-Men will take good care of her. In New York, Spider-Man complains how the media are writing libel about him due to him still being active despite the superhero registration act. He is met by Hawkeye, who has good news. There are steps being taken to get the superhero registration act revoked, now that Senator Robert (the only member of the World Security Council who actively lobbied for the act to get passed) has gone missing. His disappearance has also led to Nick Fury being released and S.H.I.E.L.D. being active again.

The Celebrity Five have been arrested. Tim doesn’t care however since they still have their biocodes, which S.H.I.E.L.D. no doubt wants, so they can negotiate. The prison transport that they are in is attacked by Crossbones. He frees the Celebrity Five, but clearly states he only wants them for their Biocodes. At the base, the team counts the few DISKs that they managed to get from Loki’s Palace. The rest will have to be found again. Pepper will put the DISKs in the safe. Sunfire invites the kids to a hot spring. However, the plan is cut short when they discover that Pepper Potts is still in the room with them, which means the Pepper that just left with the DISKs was an imposter.

Indeed, the fake Pepper was in fact Mystique, who now has five villain DISKs which she apparently stole in return for being freed from her DISK. At the base, Ed deduces Mystique had to be the thief. Sunfire gives chase, followed by the Avengers. Mystique delivers the DISKs to Crossbones. However, he doublecrosses her and attempts to kill her. Sunfire arrives just in time to stop him, but Crossbones is not alone. His boss is also present; Red Skull. Sunfire tries to fight him, but is easily defeated. When the Avengers and their partners arrive, Red Skull calmly states he has no interest in fighting them. The kids D-smash their partners anyway. Red Skull is unimpressed and D-smashes the five DISKs Mystique stole for him. He explains he can do this because he stole the Biocodes from the Celebrity Five, using the Dimension Sphere; a device that can make miracles a reality. He also used the same sphere to make his villains stronger. This is proven by the fact that Abomination takes out Hulk with a single punch. The villains rename themselves the Masters of Evil and swear loyal to Red Skull. The Avengers launch a full scale attack, but the villains aren’t even scratched by it. Now that he has proven his power, Red Skull recalls the masters to their DISKs and departs. He claims that his real plan is not yet ready, but when it is he will kill not just the heroes but also the idea of justice.


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