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Fin Fang Foom attacks the Helicarrier and easily takes out its weapons with his flame. Ronan the Accuser appears before Nick Fury and demands both his Kree Mact to be returned to him and the Guardians to surrender themselves. Star-Lord offers the Avengers a chance to escape while they distract Ronan and Fin Fang Foom, but Akira disagrees, stating that they should work together.

Iron Man stalls for time, asking for an hour to vote. Ronan drains power from the Helicarrier, causing it to crash land in the sea, but agrees to give them an hour. The team use the Kree Mact to repower the Helicarrier, and begin to form a plan for a counterattack. When the hour is up, Ronan sends Fin Fang Foom to attack again. Using the Kree Mact, Rocket Raccon and Iron Man construct a beam weapon that succesfully incapacitates Fin Fang Foom. Captain America tells Chris to D-Secure him. Angered by the defeat of his pet, Ronan personally comes to Earth to fight both teams of heroes. At first he easily overpowers them, but when both teams start working closely together they are able to defeat Ronan. Before Ronan can be captured however, he teleports away.

Captain America offers for the Guardians to join the Avengers, but they decline the offer and go back to space. They do however decide to leave the Kree Mact with the Avengers.

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