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It’s late at night and Akira wants to sleep, but Tony wants to go through all the data of the Avengers’ battles so far so they can determine how to give the team an upgrade to fight Red Skull. However, as soon as Pepper starts the presentation, M.O.D.O.K. hacks into the system and begins to download the data. He also traps Pepper in the lab to keep her from warning Iron Man. With no way out, Pepper prepares to break the computers so M.O.D.O.K. can no longer drain them, but this fails because Tony made them too strong. Upstairs, Tony uses the various clips from their adventures to show Akira that their powers are steadily evolving. Only after all data has been shown do Akira and Iron Man realize that M.O.D.O.K. is stealing the data. They are too late to stop him and he leaves. Pepper finally frees herself from the lab, but her warning comes too late. Iron Man is not going to let this theft bring them down, and states they just need to come up with a new power. And it looks like they are going to use the Kree mact to get this.

Throughout the episode, clips from various previous episodes are shown to highlight the main storyline so far: the creation of the DISKs, Loki’s attack on the Raft and the battle with the many escaped supervillains, The Avengers getting trapped in DISKs by Loki, Akira and his friends receiving their biocodes, the DISKs getting scattered around the world, Akira becoming Iron Man’s partner and their first fight with the Lizard, the Avengers being reunited by their new partners on board the Celebrity Five’s ship, the team relocating to Japan, Akira’s duel with the Silver Samurai, Iron Man building the D-System, the hunt for the DISKs, Hulk’s battle with Juggernaut, the fight with Whiplash in the abandoned chemical lab, Wasp’s fight with Dr. Octopus, Tony enrolling the kids in Techno Isle International School, the team’s first encounter with Wolverine and Sabretooth, the kids teaming up with the X-Men, Captain America’s duel with Helmut Zemo at the old dojo, Loki stealing the Avengers’ DISKs and starting his ultimate plan, the fight with the Sentinels and the unexpected help from Magneto, the final showdown with Loki, the kids synchronizing their biocodes with their Avengers partners, and finally Loki being sucked into the dimensional tear.


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This episode is mostly a clip show.

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