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Jessica and Wasp are send to Wakanda to destroy the Red Skull’s base there. Just before their arrival, Tiger Shark claimed the country as Red Skull’s property. Wakanda’s king, the superhero Black Panther, tried to fight him off, but lost the battle due to Tiger Shark’s new powers from the Dimension Sphere.

When the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane arrives, Jesscia and Wasp are informed that Red Skull’s forces are holding the local people hostage at the location of the Gaia Anchor. Black Panther is still missing. The plane is attacked by anti-aircraft weapons and crash lands in the jungle. On the ground, Hydra agents immediately storm the plane, but are taken out by Black Panther. At first he orders S.H.I.E.L.D. to leave since it’s his duty as a king to solve this crisis, but when Jessica explains him the full scale of Red Skull’s plan he agrees to let them help him. He is not immediately willing to let Jessica join the fight, but Wasp convinces him otherwise.

Jessic disguises herself as a local and deliberately allows Hydra agents to capture her and imprison her with the other hostages in the base. In the base, Tiger Shark is forcing the hostages to construct a huge statue of him. When one of the workers protests, Tiger Shark uses electrified handcuffs to punish him. Red Skull contacts Tiger Shark and warns him to be aware of the Avengers.

Night falls and the workers are send to their tents. Here, Jessica reveals who she really is and explains the plan. Tiger Shark unveils his statue, but upon doing so he discovers Black Panther has sneaked in to the base and is standing on top of the statue. He destroys the statue to make his point clear. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents blast open the door of the base, and Jessica infiltrates the control tower to keeps the Hydra Agent there from activating the electrified handcuffs of the fleeing workers. She remotely unlocks all the cuffs. But before she can D-Smash Wasp however, she is grabbed by King Cobra. On the ground, Tiger Shark summons Diamondback and Cottonmouth as well to fight Black Panther.

After first taking a beating from the two villains, Black Panther uses his energy daggers to free Jessica. Enraged, Tiger Shark D-secures Black Panther into a DISK. Jesscia D-Smashes Wasp, who fights the Serpent Society before engaging Tiger Shark in battle. Jessica summons the Build Up Armor for Wasp. With the armor, she defeats the villains and destroys the Gaia Anchor. Then, all four villains are D-Secured by Jessica.

Since he’s now in a DISK, Black Panther leaves Wakanda to his people and becomes Jessica’s second partner.

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