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"Chris and the Moment of Truth!"

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"Chris and the Moment of Truth!"

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Synopsis for "Chris and the Moment of Truth!"

While the Avengers are off fighting Red Skull’s forces, Deadpool is on the phone with Taskmaster, trying to sell him the DISK containing Iron Fist. Taskmaster isn’t interested and hangs up on him. Deadpool is apparently aware of Red Skull’s plan, but knows it will fail or else this would be the show’s final episode. Then he receives a phone call from Black Widow, who wants to hire him. Deadpool agrees because he instantly falls in love with her.

Chris, Captain America, and their delegation of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are heading for the Gaia Anchor guarded by Baron Zemo. It’s located on a small island, but Whirlwind has created a defensive tornado around it to make aerial approach impossible and the ground is littered with landmines. The group uses an old sewer line instead. When Chris asks the agents about why they are on this mission, it turns out all of them volunteered because they are huge fans of Captain America. However, Chris’ fears that using the sewer is too easy is proven correct when the team comes under attack from Green Goblin. The agents order Chris and Cap to go on while they stall Green Goblin. Chris reluctantly leaves the team behind.

Green Goblin and a group of Hydra Agents quickly catch up again with Chris however, but before Chris can D-Smash Captain America, Deadpool comes to their rescue. On board the helicarrier, Black Widow demands to know why Nick Fury send Deadpool and not her. Nick states that, after what happened to Hawkeye, Black Widow is too emotional for a mission like this. Besides, he can’t risk losing her now. On the island, Deadpool has won the battle and gives Chris the DISK of Iron Fist and Green Goblin. Chris still worries about the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and calls out Deadpool for calling them cannon fodder. Cap tells Chris that losing teammates is always a risk in war.

The 3 of them continue, and soon find themselves face to face with Baron Zemo. When Deadpool tries to fight him, Zemo reveals he has Hawkeye hostage, frozen in a block of ice. Cap demands Chris D-smashes him, but Chris doesn’t want to risk Hawkeye's life as well and refuses. Deadpool doesn’t care and fights Zemo anyway. The power of the Dimension Sphere allows Zemo to inflict injuries that Deadpool’s healing factor cannot heal and soon Deadpool is losing the fight. Chris remains reluctant to D-Smash Cap and Deadpool is defeated. Before going down, Deadpool draws his gun and fires at Hawkeye. The ice shatters, but is promptly revealed to be a hologram.

Chris is angry at himself for falling for the trick and not having the courage to take risks or make sacrifices. Cap cheers him up and tells Chris that he will support him no matter what. Chris finally D-smashes Captain America, who, with help of a surprise attack from Deadpool, actually manages to get the upperhand over the Sphere-powered Barron Zemo. Chris then summons the Build Up Armor, which empowers Cap’s Shield with an additional ring so it can break through Zemo’s defense and destroy the Gaia Anchor.

Chris D-secures Baron Zemo, but the villain manages to quickly detonate the land mines before he is sucked into the DISK. The Island starts to self-destruct. Chris offers the injured Deadpool to D-secure him so he can take him to safety and the DISK will heal his injuries, but Deadpool declines since he rather dies than become a prisoner in the DISK. Chris is unwilling to leave another teammember behind, and instead drags Deadpool away from the explosions and through the sewer. When they find their passage blocked, Chris D-smashes Iron Fist to clear the rubble despite his biocode not being fully charged again. Once they leave the tunnel, Chris is delighted to find the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents still alive. Cap congratulates Chris on all the things he learned today.

Back in the helicarrier, Deadpool’s injuries are treated by Black Widow. When he gets a little too far in his flirting however, she kicks him out of the helicarrier. Deadpool ends the episode with asking the viewers to send requests to the show to give him more screentime.


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