"Ed's Solo Infiltration Mission"

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"Ed's Solo Infiltration Mission"

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Ed and Hulk are with their S.H.I.E.L.D. team on their way to the Raft, where Abomination has set up one of the 5 Gaia Anchors. Once they land, he team splits up and Ed and Hulk are separated from the agents. They find their way blocked by a door, which Ed can’t open. Ed doesn’t want to D-Smash Hulk since they have to conserve their time limit for the fight with Abomination. Pepper calls Ed and tells them how Chris summoned Iron First only minutes after Captain America’s time limit ran out. Apparently, a second hero can still be briefly D-smashed even after the first hero’s time limit is up. Ed is amazed to hear this, but right now this won’t help him any further since he doen’t have a second hero.

As they search for another way in, Rosetta Riley, who has apparently been drafted into Hydra, spots him and warns somebody else. Ed uses the ventilation ducts to get inside the Raft. Ed is caught by a Hydra Agent, who turns out to be Okuma Jubei. The other Celebrity Five members join them as well. Ed tries to fight them with a broom, but it turns out the five are here to help him. They all hate their current jobs and don’t want to see the Earth destroyed. To prove they are on his side, Joel Murphy gives Ed the DISK containing Power Man. They then provide Ed with a Hydra uniform in his size so they can blend in with the other soldiers.

Joel and Okuma help Ed get deeper inside the Raft, then send him on his way gloating that whether Ed fails or succeeds, they will get something good out of this. Ed D-smashes Power Man to break down another door and help him reach the Gaia Anchor faster. With Power Man’s help, Ed easily reaches the Gaia Anchor. However, Abomination is also there. Power Man attempts to fight him, but due to his new powers from the Dimension Sphere, Abomination is too strong for him. Ed wants to D-smash Hulk with the Build Up Armor, but discovers the Build Up Plate needed for doing so is gone. He dropped it, and now Abomination has it.

Power Man’s time limit is up and he returns to the DISK. Now it’s just Ed and Abomination. Hulk demands Ed D-smashes him now, but Ed knows that won’t do any good. Ed instead faces Abomination and lures him into a power cable. Adombination gets electrocuted and drops the Build Up Plate. Ed wastes no time; he D-smashes Hulk and immediately gives him the Build Up Armor. Hulk defeats Abomination, who is D-secured by Ed, and destroys the Gaia Anchor. Hulk compliments Ed that he has gotten stronger, which greatly pleases Ed.


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