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Thor, Hikaru and their squadron of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrive at the location of the last Gaia Anchor, which is located underground. Hikaru is worrying about Akira. Pepper calls him to tell Hikaru about the successes of the other kids, and that Akira is fine. Before she can tell more, the signal breaks up since Hikaru is now too far underground. On the helicarrier, Akria worries about Falcon. Iron Man consoles him that Falcon will be fine. In the cavern, Hikaru and Thor bond over the hardships of being an older brother.

The team reaches the Anchor, which is guarded by Graviton. Hikaru D-Smashes Thor. Graviton deploys his new, Dimension Sphere granted powers to overpower Thor. With Hikaru’s help, Thor is able to turn the tables on Graviton. Hikaru then also summons Thor’s Build Up Armor, which gives Thor the power he needs to defeat Graviton and destroy the Gaia Anchor. Hikaru D-secures Graviton. With the final threat neutralized, Hikaru investigates the shards of the fragment of the Dimension Sphere that was in this Gaia Anchor. Then suddenly, Red Skull shows up.

On board of the helicarrier, the rest of the team notices Hikaru’s success and celebrates. Akira can’t wait till Hikaru returns. However, Hikaru has other problems on his mind. Red Skull easily defeats the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and then confronts Hikaru. He admits that his plan to destroy the world has failed, but he already has a plan B ready. He’s going to plunge the world into despair, starting with the Avengers themselves. Red Skull leaves Hikaru with the promise that he will target Akira. Just as Red Skull planned, Hikaru panics and, in a desperate attempt to protect his little brother, picks up the shards of the Dimension Sphere. Thor tries to warn him about the Sphere’s corrupting influence, but Hikaru deactivates his DISK and absorbs a shard into his own body.

On board the helicarrier, the team begins to worry. Red Skull contacts the Avengers to tell them he still has one trump card; Hikaru is now under his influence. Maria traces the call and the Helicarrier sets a course for Red Skulls base. Upon arriving there, the team is surprised that they don’t encounter any resistance. They reach the control room where Red Skull and Crossbones are waiting for them. Akira demands his brother to be released, but quickly discovers that Hikaru has been corrupted by evil. On Red Skull’s command, Hikaru D-smashes Thor. Red Skull orders Thor to fight his fellow Avengers, or else he will allow the Dimension Sphere’s power to kill Hikaru. Thor tries to stall time, but eventually has no other choice than to comply.

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